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The Weekender – 6 Sweet Spots to Study & Work

We thought about making this list long enough for you to be able to experience a new spot every work day for a month (because Amman is awesome like that). But we know you avid “work hard, play hard” peeps already know all the common go-to places. So instead, we thought we’d share some of the stand-out spots based on our community of loyal Tipsters! So grab your books, your laptop, your pen and paper, and head over to any one of these community favorites.

The Space

With a mission to provide students a quiet and healthy studying atmosphere, The Space is the solution to a problem. The problem being a lack of happy medium. A medium between limited chairs, bad lighting, background noise and many a distractions in coffee joints, and the silent unmotivated atmosphere of home. The Space, aka ‘The Castle’, is conducive atmosphere to actually get some projects done. Open from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., it offers coffee, tea, juice, hot chocolate, WiFi and more all for the price of 5 JDs per day. All you need to do is reserve your space the day before! This is the spot for those of you looking for a home away from home.

Indoor Cafe

For those of you close to the University of Jordan, you’ll love Indoor Cafe. Fusing modern interiors with premium coffee, this non-smoking environment is designed with your reading and working needs in mind. The healthy atmosphere is quiet and full of the fuel you need, including delicious snacks and caffeinated coffee! This is the spot for all you health nuts that need to work and study without the distractions of nicotine smoke and excess calories.


Bargo’s is your all-in-one work-study-play place. They’re not just a coffee shop, or simply a study space, or a lounging hang-out…they’re all that and more. Here, you can study, work on that paper, hang out with friends, play a game, read and when you get hungry, eat. So perfect. The Bargo’s Kitchen offers delicious mana’eesh, pancakes, omelets, pizzas, pastas, and more. What’s best is that Bargo’s is a community…not just your generic cafe. Perfect for those of you humanities majors looking for cozy spaces to think.

Gloria Jean’s

Gloria Jean’s came up over, and over and over again in our Tips for a reason! This spot is a work/study addiction for a reason. With a passion for coffee, Gloria Jean’s created a community of like-minded coffee lovers who wanted a space to get a cup of joe and enjoy the atmosphere. With comfortable seats, spaciousness, a friendly vibe, power outlets galore and more, there’s a reason why it’s a Tipster favorite. And it’s just the right thing for you social beasts needing the vibes of lively people around for stimulation while you work.

October Blue

It seems there’s a lot of love for the month of October, but worry not because those of us born in any of the other 11 months of the year are still good to go. Part business center, part cafe, October Blue is the local go-to choice to work/study. Looks can be deceiving because although it may not look it from the outside, October blue is spacious, and boasts an assortment of divisions within this 1200 sq. meter space. From a copy center, interactive systems, meeting rooms, special occasion rooms, outdoor seating, a cafe, and a restaurant, what else would you need? It’s perfect for you perfectionists out there.


Montage is a perfectly quaint, little, cafe corner that is the hidden gem of the Royal Film Commission. Creative, inventive and fun, it boasts the perfect combination of elements needed for those working with a creative spark. And that creativity has seeped into everything; from the menu, to the design, and even the spiritedness of hosting activities and events weekly! So if you’re yearning for inspiration for your work/study session, Montage is the spot for you.

We love collaborating with the community, so keep the tips coming Tipsters!

Lemur Love, 

The Tip n’ Tag Team