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The Weekender – 21 Cozy Winter Spots

When the biting cold of February strikes, it makes all of us look for that certain cozy place in town to nestle in and seek comfort. And the Tip n’ Tag Team, like everybody else, is trying to keep warm and keep you entertained while you’re cozying up. That’s why we put together this list of cozy, warm, winter spots to save you from the bite of the frost and focus on biting or sipping on something a little more delicious. You won’t need your blankets here, Tipsters!

bluefig- cozy place

Get ready to be cuddled in the magic of Blue Fig‘s outdoor paradise – it’s like entering a secret world where dim lights and cozy vibes take center stage. Take a sip of their soul-warming elixirs, each crafted to be a liquid blanket against the winter chill.

off the record - cozy place

Popping up with mad funk-disco vibes and the coolest speakeasy scene. This cozy place is strictly winter magic, and the move? Pair their killer shrimp gyoza with an icy Lychee Martini. It’s not just a bar; it’s a seasonal sesh, the secret sauce to surviving the chill. Don’t sleep on it!

murphy’s pub - cozy place

Get ready to rock at Murphy’s Pub – Amman’s House of Rock. Score their legendary cheesy spinach dip, it’s the real deal. Wash it down with a smooth pint of Guinness for the ultimate combo.

ston’d rooftop - cozy place

Marvel at the breathtaking winter panorama, embracing all of Amman’s cozy charm. It’s not just a rooftop; it’s your front-row seat to the city’s winter wonderland.

bruni’s - cozy place

Experience la dolce vita with Bruni’s, Amman’s only spot for a taste of Italy and a sip of style. This is more than a restaurant and bar; it’s a slice of Italian zest!

nutshell bar lounge - cozy place

Not your average spot nor your average getaway from the hustle and bustle of town – think cozy nooks, charming vibes, and a dash of woodland wonder. It’s where the forest grooves, satisfying your nightlife cravings. Add winter warmth, and voila – Nutshell Bar Lounge!

snug - cozy place

Enter the Snuggly Pub, where the vibe is as cozy as your favorite sweater. Savor comforting drinks and hearty bites that transform every moment into a warm embrace. It’s more than just a cozy place; it’s a haven of Snug delights.

Barrio - cozy place

 Escape to Barrio Pub for an evening of pure coziness. Delight in heavenly cheese platters and savor refreshing drinks by their fire-pit.


Shades of yellow, blue and green are as serene as the imagery that accompanies them. Caprice, with its dim lighting, makes you feel as if you were in an aquarium submerged under the deepest of seas.

13c wine & spirits

Nestled in the heart of Amman, 13C is the go-to spot for chilly Ammanis seeking a warm retreat. Boasting a rustic charm and an extensive selection of wines and spirits (with an updated cocktail menu), it’s the perfect locale to cozy up with a glass in hand, making every visit a memorable escape from the winter chill. 

restaurants & cafes

le gemelle - cozy place

Craving authentic Italian specialties? Picture warm, delectable pizzas and delightful pasta dishes that echo the warmth of Nonna’s kitchen. This spot isn’t just a restaurant; it’s your go-to for heartwarming Italian comfort on winter evenings. 


Who has time to think of what to order when they’re freezing their a$$ off? At L’Entrecote, you’re served a set menu of delicious cuts of steak in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Each tender bite you have at this cozy place will remind you that you are loved and wanted.

With Valentine’s around the corner, their Abdoun branch is the spot for cozy, casual romance and fantastic sushi. It’s not just about the rolls; it’s a love affair with flavors that’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance.

coco’s - Joie De Vivre

Up for a coffee instead of a full on meal? Dive into Coco’s – where coffee dreams and desserts collide for a vibe that’s pure coolness (in a warm way). The ambiance? A cozy high-five. Desserts? An explosion of comfort. It’s not just coffee and sweets; it’s a laid-back treat-yourself sanctuary.


Longing for a winter hug for your taste buds? Dive into the soul-soothing warmth of their Chicken Tikka Masala. Allow the buttery, spicy symphony to groove with your palate — a feel-good feast that sweeps away the chill and makes your Ammani evening perfectly cozy and possibly a little spicy too.

Dara dining

Flipped the game, ditched the corkage fees, and planted a Michelin Star Chef in a chill Jabal Amman spot. It’s not just dining; it’s a flavor party that cranks up the heat on Amman’s winter scene. Get ready for a taste adventure that’s all vibes and no chill!


As the grand-mommy of Italian food in Amman, you will find warmth in the form of pasta. Romero‘s endless sea of wine and hearty foods will surely warm the coldest of souls.


Have you ever sought shelter from the rain in the folds of Oliva? This seemingly tiny pizzeria is surprisingly cozy, with a dimly lit, welcoming atmosphere. Insider tip, if you nab a table at this spot, make sure you never leave.


You know you can always count on Yoshi – both the dinosaur and the restaurant. Whether rain or shine, if you’re looking for a cozy place to dine, this contemporary Japanese eatery’s miso soup is as warm and welcoming as their atmosphere. Put your umbrella aside, and enjoy the soup. You’re safe here.


Looking to fancy things up a tad? Discover Segreta – the cozier cousin of Zenith at the St. Regis – is a brasserie blend tailor-made for winter vibes. Plush seating, soft lighting, and a soul-warming menu create an enchanting escape.

Layering is in this season, Tipsters!

Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team