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The Weekender – 21 Cozy Winter Spots

The biting cold of February makes people look for cozy winter places in Amman. And the Tip n’ Tag Team, like everybody else, is trying to keep warm. That’s why we put together this list of warm winter spots to save the people from frostbite. You won’t need your blankets here, Tipsters.

Bars | Winter Places in Amman

Winter Places in Amman | Amigo

Bask in the warmth of nostalgia as familiar faces of rock legends past look over you at Amigo as you down your fourth beer and sixth nacho platter.

Winter Places in Amman | Dubliners

Though Dubliners screams middle-aged white people, this Irish pub in Amman is where you want to be for a piping hot Baileys coffee. Jig your way there and slurp down your beer like a true Irishman.

Winter Places in Amman | Kegs - House of Ale

Stepping into Kegs feels like a reunion with a loved one. It gently whispers in your ear, inciting you to drink a glass of scotch with your friends.

Winter Places in Amman | Chestnut

A rustic atmosphere and a generous happy hour offer make this bar and eatery a popular choice among cold Ammanis. Chestnut is where you want to warm up with a Moscow Mule and a nacho platter.

After Eight

Life without sugar daddies is a rampant issue that needs to be addressed, especially in Amman. But when you’re not looking for sugar, grab an affordable drink at After Eight.


Where does the fast lane take you? If you’re lucky, Off the Record. Come here for a perfectly crafted cocktail and a cozy atmosphere. Who knows, your own search for a sugar daddy might end at OTR.

Winter Places in Amman | Bonita

Of all the cozy winter places in Amman, Bonita is where you’re most likely to find your boss. But that shouldn’t hold you back from enjoying the heavenly tapas and lively atmosphere that’ll surely keep you warm.


Shades of yellow, blue and green are as serene as the imagery that accompanies them. Caprice, with its dim lighting, makes you feel as if you were in an aquarium submerged under the deepest of seas.

Bites | Winter Places in Amman


At the grand-mommy of Italian food in Amman, you will find warmth in the form of pasta. Romero‘s endless sea of wine and hearty foods will surely warm the coldest of souls.

Winter Places in Amman | Ren Chai

Not only do you cozy up at Ren Chai while waiting for your food, but the spicy notes of Chinese cuisine will set your tongue on proverbial fire. No wonton puns here, move along.


From presentation down to its exquisite taste, the food isn’t the only thing that is welcoming about Melograno. Here, you come for their delicious spins on Italian food, and stay for the smoke-free atmosphere and delicious wine.

Boho Haus

Boho Haus is an eclectic visual experience, showcasing beautiful designs and unique décor for an offbeat ambiance. We would suggest you take your studying here, if only to use your books as kindling to make the place even cozier.

Tandoori Oven

Buttery smooth Asian food can be found at Tandoori Oven. A flaming bowl of curry with tender morsels of meat will get that warm fuzzy feeling going on inside your stomach.

Winter Places in Amman | The Container

If you feel very strongly about your pasta’s doneness, you may or may not enjoy yourself at The Container. However, if Al Dente is the word, then cozy up ’round one of the heaters with a bunch of pals and enjoy the wine and pasta.


Primal’s cozy atmosphere is almost entirely sponsored by quinoa. Homeboys and girls with some dough to spare can enjoy a fabulous menu of gluten-free and vegan products here.


Have you ever sought shelter from the rain in the folds of Oliva? This seemingly tiny pizzeria is surprisingly cozy, with a dimly lit, welcoming atmosphere. If you nab a table at this spot, make sure you never leave.


At L’Entrecote, you’re served delicious cuts of steak in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Each tender bite you will have at this haven will remind you that you are loved and wanted.


If you’re from around the streets of Amman, you would know what it’s like to wake up every morning to the aromatic presence of an Arabic breakfast. 7attouteh offers that, just about any time of day.

Cafes | Winter Places in Amman

Jungle Fever

Nestled atop one of Amman’s most prominent art galleries, it’s no surprise that Jungle Fever is a popular destination for hipsters. Those craving a cigarette can enjoy one on their balcony with amazing views of the park below.

Winter Places in Amman | Kava

Those seeking cozy winter places in Amman have probably come across Kava. This quaint cafe in the suburbs of the city might be tiny, but drinking a hearty cup of joe here in the morning is a spiritual experience.

Winter Places in Amman | Dali

Dali’s outdoor terrace is surprisingly one of the warmest spots you can find in Weibdeh. Fairy lights adorn its walls, and heaters are spread across to keep you warm as you sip on your wine or hot chocolate.

Layering is in this season, Tipsters!

Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team