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The Weekender – 15 Sweet Summer Spots

Shakespeare wrote about this very day many years ago, and for great reason. Everybody knows that with the official start of summer the night owls come out and the good times roll. Back then, they probably didn’t have outdoor terraces, but we’re not in Shakespeare’s time. You want to make the most of this great weather, and indulge in a cold beverage in the outdoors. We know how it goes. The Tip n’ Tag Team has gathered some great spots for you to hit on a chilled summer eve or afternoon.

District Rooftop

Who doesn’t like playing dress-up every now and then? District is an urban rooftop that accommodates to the desires of foodies and night owls alike. You’ll want to have a few drinks here regardless whether night or day.

Wild Jordan Center

Brunch to a view of the Citadel in an eco-friendly environment is every vegan’s dream. You can always rest at Wild Jordan’s terrace after a walk down Rainbow Street. The relaxed atmosphere is perfect for an afternoon smoothie.

U Roof Lounge

Twenty one stories over Amman, U Roof has a breathtaking view of the city. Its open air deck romanticizes the sky, and is made for a drink with friends around the golden hour. They also have a pool for you to enjoy your drink by.


Whoever said that lounging is limited to Amman, knew nothing about Sulit. This gorgeous rooftop just opened in Fuheis. Look no further if you want to get that fresh countryside breeze and relax with a beer or two in your hand.

Paloma Rooftop

Amman has a skyline worth the view and Paloma Rooftop is where you can enjoy it with two of your favorite f words; food and friends. It’s a perfect spot to watch the game, or simply drink your night away with company.

Iguana Rooftop

What’s summer without rooftop vibes? Iguana ticks all the right boxes with its delicious cocktails, tropical colors and a breathtaking sight at sundown. You won’t regret a minute sipping away your weekday worries on their terrace.

Kudeta Rooftop

Great atmosphere and a killer vibe, Kudeta is all the new hype this summer. The rooftop overlooks the best parts of Amman and is quite the romantic location to watch the sunset. Talk about having a delightful dinner and a view.


Classic dishes with a twist, a place to mingle and mix, Mesh is an elegant concept and lounge. Try switching up where you watch the match, and indulge in an energizing and refreshing atmosphere on their terrace this World Cup.

The Deck

A bottle of wine tastes better under the night sky in Al Abdali. Where better to savor the drink and the moment than at The Deck? It’s a given that sunsets are more rewarding to watch than Netflix. Don’t worry, you can definitely still chill.

Cantaloupe Gastro Pub

If you’re looking for a delectable meal and are a vegetarian, Cantaloupe caters to your culinary and humanitarian needs. What better place to relish the summer weather than with a beautiful view of Jabal Amman and Downtown?

Ghoroub Sunset Lounge

Gorgeous aesthetics, mouth-watering food and a laid-back atmosphere is what you experience at Ghoroub. If you want to catch the sunset, there’s no lovelier place to do so than this rooftop lounge. You don’t want to miss out on their cocktails!

The Terrace

Sensory seduction plays a major role in the way your evening goes. The Terrace provides you with a cool and breezy environment that has a homey feel to it. Their sofas and arm chairs will surely make you slip into relaxation in no time.

The Loft

Everybody knows The Loft is where you want to be when you want to savor the little pleasures in life. They have a spectacular menu that’ll satisfy your every taste bud, and a view that’ll take you into a dream-like state.


Palm trees and summer breeze is what you’re in for at Chesters. The outdoor terrace at Le Royal has an unparalleled view of Amman and its skyline. If you’re looking for a place to bask in the glory of summer, this is your spot.

Cloud International Cuisine

Tasty Sangrias and a centrally located bar, Cloud is a rooftop not to be missed out on this summer. Whether you’re down for the ambiance or the flavors, you are, without a doubt, in for a treat. They’re up and functional as of Friday!

Get your shades out and put on those shorts, summer is finally here!

Lemur Love, 

The Tip n’ Tag Team