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The Weekender – 10 Things Better Enjoyed with Friends

Life without friends is as bland as tofu, and nobody likes bland tofu. From cooking, to parties, to video games, anything that brings you pleasure can be much more thrilling in the company of friends. You might think that with Ramadan you’ll have limited options to make new memories with them, but that’s not quite right. The holy month is no exception to the rule. The Tip n’ Tag Team has got you covered as always. We’ve gathered around a few activities for you and your friends to make the most of your days, regardless of whether or not you’re fasting.

Xtreme Jordan Club

What better way to spend a morning, than on a team mission with your friends? If you’re a video game fanatic, or someone who dreams of being in the Black Ops, gather your friends for a round of paintball. The paintball field at Xtreme Jordan Club has a pretty amazing arena, created for you to dive into a real-life gaming experience.

The Squad

You’re never too old to be silly with your friends, and a great way to do so is with Karaoke. You might think you have a dying cat’s voice, but you don’t need an ear for music to join in on the fun. All you need is to learn a few songs and be prepared to sing along. If you’re down for a laugh with your friends, grab a mic at The Squad. You can even pretend you’re on The Voice.


Robin Hood didn’t only have a cool story behind his legend, he had arrows and a bow. A place to find those in Amman is Gladiator, where you can learn the art of archery. Of course, you won’t be shooting at villains or horse carriages, but you probably might end up hitting a bullseye, and you’ll need your friends to be there to see it.

Beit Sitti

Little compares to the pleasure of preparing a meal with your friends. You may well be a chef, and you may not know how to boil an egg, but those are technicalities your friends can overlook. If you feel like breaking the norm of going out to dinners, get your hands dirty with your gang at Beit Sitti. Just make sure to call and reserve a cooking class!

Sheraton Hotel Gym

What better way to spend a morning than by the poolside with your friends? You don’t have to go all the way to Aqaba for a spontaneous dip in the water. Put on your nearest swim suit and start your engine. Sheraton’s pool is ready for you to soak in the sun, as of Friday. Grab your sunblock or tanning oils, the weather’s perfect for a swim!

Escape the Room

Maybe you were dared to enter the Saw room. Maybe you get pleasure from solving mysteries. Regardless which one of the two it is, at Escape the Room, you’ll have to put on your thinking cap. Of course, it’s no mystery that it’s not for the impatient or faint of heart. If you manage to escape under the hour, you might end up on their wall of fame.

Manja International Circuit

You’re never too old to get on a double engine and scorch the tar of a racing track. Those of you who’ve been karting know that thrill and rush. Instead of your average night out with friends, gather your group, put on your helmets and start those roaring engines. Manja International Circuit’s track looks more inviting with the stadium lights shining over it.

Cafe Kepi

Two great things that should follow a meal are a flowing conversation and a card game. If you’re out with your friends on a hunt for food and a place to pat those bellies, Cafe Kepi is where you want to be. Between its trifecta of flavorsome dishes, laid-back atmosphere and on demand deck of cards, you’ll happily ease your way out of a fast.

Red Tactical

Why not start your night out on a high note with the gang? Laser tag might be paintball’s gentler cousin, but it’s still as challenging and exhilarating of a game. Red Tactical has a spacious field, where you can rally the troops and get in position for an adrenaline-charged start to your evening. Don’t forget to take as much cover as you can!

 Strikers Entertainment Center

 Strike a match and it’s lit, strike the pins and you’re lit. Even with the hype of virtual reality, bowling will always have its street credibility. You can make an evening out of the game with your friends, bond between rounds, drink a few glasses and laugh at each other’s miserable fails. What better place to hear those pins knocking down than at Strikers?

Forget about tofu, and let the good times roll!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team