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The Weekender – 10 Outdoor Workouts

COVID-19 keeping you from your regular gym routine? Same, Tipsters, same. We’ve found the best Outdoor Workouts that will make you break a sweat and help you stay away from those COVID-19 cooties. 

Now you finally have a reason to go get that ‘Cowboy Hat from Gucci’… Horseback riding is a great core and leg workout. Jump on a horse at Kassim Stables and get ridin’. You can even get professional endurance training for only 10 JDs!

Amman is the city of seven hills. Talk about a leg workout, amirite?! Join fellow cyclists for a two-hour bike ride in different parts of the city. For only 5JD you get a bike, helmet, vest, water, and a professional guide.

Grab some of your COVID-19-free friends (less than 20, please!) and head over to Jordan Paintball Club for a competitive round of paintball. Not only will you break a sweat, but you can take out your pent-up lockdown anger on your friends! They’ll love you for it!

It’s finally starting to cool down a bit throughout Jordan so there’s no better time to explore the beautiful, olive tree-filled paths of Ajloun. We promise your bum will feel the burn after hiking uphill for an hour. Pro-tip: download Wikiloc for different *free* hiking paths all over Ajloun (and Jordan).

One perk of COVID-19 restrictions is that you can finally swim in the beautiful wadis of Jordan without swarms of people kicking you as you swim. Take advantage while the water wadi season is still in swing. 

Let’s be honest, Amman was not built with runners in mind (hello, sidewalks with trees). You can run without honking cars, gawkers, or random potholes fo’ free at King Hussein Park.

Hate classic gym workouts? Grab some COVID-19-free friends, pick your sport whether it’s basketball, football, or volleyball, just book a court at Trax.

Okay, so maybe you really love the gym but don’t feel comfortable being indoors with tons of random people. The solution? The outdoor gym and boxing classes at Trax. Let that fresh air and breeze keep you cool and COVID-19-free.

Lockdowns cramping your ability to meet new people? Join Running Amman three days/week around Amman for group runs. Don’t worry about your level, everyone is welcome.

Work those forearms with some upper-body intense archery. The last person to get a bulls-eye buys lunch.

Enjoy Flexing Those Gains, Tipsters!

Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team