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The Weekender – ❄️ Top 10 Snow Day Hangouts

Where to go during a snow day? You asked, and here’s the answer: 
Bad weather always looks worse through the window, so stop wallowing in your seasonal affective disorder and get out of your flat, igloo, clay hut – or whatever your dwelling may be. Because Tip n’ Tag – you are welcome – have saved the weekend! Here are 10 AmaHzing Snow day hangouts you wish you’d known last winter. 

Maestro Restaurant & Bar

You know what your soul needs – begging you actually – this winter? Jazz, cozy vibes (kitsch, but would you rather we used commodious?), lotsa schmoozy convos, and Maestro’s kofta, extra bread, please. Rustic and chic, seriously this place won’t look out of place in the New York bar scene. With a fine selection of drinks, an enticing food menu, and live music, Maestro will keep you warm and entertained for eternity.

Tip: If you want to be warm, but still have a view of the snow, we recommend you get yourself a table on the terrace!

Beard&Woman Coffee

This place screams WARM at ya. Spicy coffee, blooming tea, and Fika. Honestly, go you. You clicked on this article because you’re not going to let those brutal temps keep you in bed all weekend, and Beard&Woman might just be your answer.

Tip: Order the caramel macchiato, we assure you it’s *chef’s kiss*.


Seriously, name one thing better than foosball, arm wrestling, and a game of pool to get your blood rushing and ward off those winter blues. We’ll wait. Here’s the thing, as much as being indoors for days on end makes one question their will to live, there are times when we are happy to exist in a place where we can shoot some ball, goof around with our friends and eat some friggin good food.

Tip: The pool table closes early, make sure you get a few rounds in before then!

Watar Ziriab

Look, sometimes life is hard and the light at the end of the tunnel is actually a big shisha and some good o’l traditional comfort food, by that we mean all the Mezze, shish platters, and dips at Watar Ziriab. And while you are stuffing yourself with all the “healthy” Mediterranean food, don’t forget to glance around at the beautiful interior.

Tip: Add two crushed mint leaves to a glass of 1/3 Arak and 2/3 water, and you’ll have the best drink to pair with Mezze!

The Living Room Loft

Now The Living Room looks like it was designed for the winter. By that, we mean it’s really warm and decorated kind of like a super chic living room (if you ever won the lottery). We are so definitely into that and can probably be holed up in there all weekend.  

Tip: Order their super juicy lamb chops, eaten straight from the grill, and thank us later.

Library Lounge & Cigar Bar

Hey, guess where this Lounge is! If you guessed the Marriott, you are correct! We are fans of this Cigar Bar because it’s a place where you can kick back, have a drink, smoke a cigar, have a bite… whatever you feel like. If you love quality service, steaks the size of your face, and being treated like a diplomat, queen, or vizier (whatever tickles your fancy) all the while feeling warm and fuzzy, look no further.

Tip: Balance the strong leathery flavor of Hoyo De Monterrey Executives with something equally as strong! We recommend Cognac!

13c Bar in the Back

This winter’s record-shattering arctic blasts sending shivers across your every bone? Well, the good people at 13c Bar in the Back figured out the best way to crush that is a dozen burning fireplaces. And trust us, it WORKS! It doesn’t hurt that the food is inventive and delicious.

Tip: The Gnocchi al Gorgonzola + The Sticky Ribs = The Perfect Affair.

Chestnut Restaurant and Pub

Don’t take our word for it, but Chestnut may well be the gastropub of the foodiest of your foodie fantasies, with warm surroundings, and a killer food menu. Their cheese platter is somewhat of a secret weapon. Their fried seafood platter becomes the crunch of your crispest dreams. And don’t get us started on their spinach dip. So if their food doesn’t warm you up on a bleak snowy day, nothing ever will.

Tip: We’ve tried many a mozzarella stick, but nothing beats those chunky cheesy devils at Chestnut!

Local’s (Turtle Green)

Admit it; Board games weren’t on your list of things to do this weekend, right? Well, you’re behind, because winter + board games are a definite classic, and are still all the rage in Antarctica, Siberia, and all the whitey white corners of the earth. What could be more fun than laughing your heads off, kicking each other like brats, dealing with sore losers, and fighting over trivia to ward off those long cold days? 

Tip: Jenga is more intense than it may seem!

Off the Record

We are having an ooh, la la moment here because OTR is where our good lookin’ CEO likes to hang. Local yet exclusive (those guys have a private Facebook group for their selected guests), a hidden gem kinda existence (something you won’t understand). But, with all the mystery, their superpower is actually in their exquisite cocktails and delish tapas-style dishes. Something tells us you need their Korean Beef Taco with Kimchi in your life, so don’t forget to order that.

Tip: Layers folks! Don’t wear something chunky with nothing underneath or you’ll end up way under-dressed and toasted.

If you don’t own a 4×4, hibernating is your fav pastime, you kinda like to be spoon-fed – or almost, and you don’t want to go out in the snow we got you covered with a list of places to order from instead!

The Big Slice

It’s not called The Big Slice for nothin’ folks. Listen here, it’s cold, it’s the weekend, calories don’t count, and The Big Slice is your pizza daddy, so go loony and order that 19-inch pizza all for YOself.

Tip: Drizzle some hot honey sauce on your pizza and let that sweet spice heat you up!

Ned’s Pizza

People who don’t like pizza are, well we don’t know, kinda weir-doughs man. Ned’s call pizza “a slice of life” and we totally agree. Whether you go for the Chorizo Sausage & Goat Cheese, or Ned’s Cheese Special, we know you’ll die and enter pizza heaven!

Tip: You don’t want to miss out on the puffy, crispy, smokey Sicilian crust pizza!

Luigi’s Pizza

Ending this list with a bang! 

What? We can’t hear ya. Did you just say you had their pizza before? But did you have their wings? What about their lasagna? Did you try their soup like we told you to? Major FOMO if you haven’t tried these menu items.

Tip: They have gluten-free chicken wings for all you Tipsters with Celiac disease!

Remember Tipsters, enjoy the snow responsibly!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team