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The Warm Up Guide – 🍲 The Best Soup in Town?

Where to find the best soup in town? You asked and here’s the answer: Come along for a walk through our Winter Warmup Wonderland, with a list of new and exciting twists, as well as classic throw-backs to childhood favorites. Featuring local delicacies, like Rashouf and lentil soup reprising its role as a go-to, to cult favorites, like Hot Pot and Ramen. Make new memories and reignite old flames beneath a boiling pot of soup!

The Nutribox

Nothing makes us feel healthy like knocking back a bowl of green soup. Meet your new BBE (BEST BROCCOLI SOUP EVAH). The NutriBox totally kills the broccoli game, all the health stuff, and none of the “lifetime-on-your hips” stuff.

Price: 3.00 JD

We Farm

 Whether you’re going for that nostalgic, earthy taste, or just need a picker upper; We Farm’s lentil soup should be on your 10 things to Instagram before you die bucket-list. Hot and sharp, quick and nutritious, it practically ticks all the boxes.

Price: 5.00 JD

Chopsticks & Taj Mahal

Picture this; a pillowy dumpling oozing with minced meat, swimming in a sea of brothy chicken stock, aromatic and filling; That’s Wonton soup for ya! But tasting is believing, so peel yourself off that couch, grab your favorite foodie and head straight to Chopsticks and Taj Mahal for a treat that’ll linger on your tongue FoEvaH. 

Price: 2.85 JD

Tandoori Oven

The Taj Mahal of the lentil world, we know that’s tacky but you must admit dhal is the best thing done with lentils on God’s great earth. Slow-cooked with veggies and those secret spices Tandoori Oven have tucked under their sleeves, our mouths are watering just thinking about it.

Price: 2.25 JD

The Lombard

You may not know it, but tomatoes are your skin’s best friend – that goes for you too boys! Get rid of that sandpapery skin of yours and enjoy some smokey, tangy soup during the day under a dazzling, totally instagram-able Victorian skylight, or go for a romantic, starry night experience at The Lombard. 

Price: 7.00 JD

La Capitale Restaurant

 Whether you wanna impress someone on a first date or you’re just in the market for some hearty melted goodness, the Onion soup at La Capitale is your answer. White wine, a baguette and Emmental cheese? You’re sure to hit a home run, even if it’s just with your belly. 

Price: 7.00 JD 

The Sushi Den

Lo and behold, a soup that’s an excuse to skip leg day at the gym! Sushi Den concocts a drool-worthy hot jumble of Tofu, veggies, and seaweed. Low in carbs and full of probiotics, Miso soup is light and gentle on your tummy, lean and mean on your muscles!
Price: 3.50 JD

TomYum Restaurant

Health freaks – and wannabes – rejoice! TomYum has a seafood soup that’ll leave you warm and swooning. It’s healthy, low in calories, and absolutely Yum, how they ever managed that, we haven’t got a clue! 

Price: 6.25 JD

Chestnut Restaurant & Pub

Winter lattes (aka calorie bombs), Netflix binging, and Chestnut’s cream of mushroom soup are what make winter bearable. Chestnut has that homey laid-back and cozy bar vibe, adding up to an overall comforting and relaxing experience to enjoy with a date or the gang.

Price: 5.50 JD

Ren Chai

Ren Chai’s’s Hot & Sour soup is the ultimate Umami heaven; spicy, sour, and full of flavor. Make sure napkins are handy though, ‘coz you’re gonna be slobbering all over the table.

Price: 4.95 JD

Fame Restaurant

No matter how sophisticated you swear you are, odds are; you have a sweet spot for a childhood favorite, a creamy yellow sweet goo we all know; corn soup! Anything but basic now, Fame has taken that soup up a few notches; a blend of corn, chicken, and cheddar that tastes as dreamy and creamy as you remember it.

Price: 5.00 JD

RB Restaurant & Pub

The answer to all your carnivorous dreams, hunks of cured meat and sausage, pickles, olives, dill, and sour cream. It’s definitely a manly soup – challenging the ladies here – especially with RB’s rustic interior of brick pillars, leather sofas, and dark wood furniture.

Price: 8.75 JD


What happens if you don’t get enough iron? You can’t burn enough calories, and you get to watch your waistline expand on and on and on… Lucky for you, a bowl of lentil covers your iron needs and helps burn off that extra helping of knafeh we saw you devour after dinner. Served daily at Paul; their lentil soup is yummy, thick and nutritious, great for vegans and vegetarians alike! 

Price: 4.50 JD

Luigi’s Pizza

While minestrone soup won’t make you look as hot and trendy as an Italian, it’ll definitely take your taste buds on a joy ride. Although mostly known for their pizza, Luigi’s minestrone soup is just as scrumptious, packed to the brim with veggies, it’s as healthy as it is hearty! Download their app while you’re at it and enjoy some Italian goodness, delivered straight to your door!

Price: 2.45 JD

Pepper & Pine Co.

It is as if suddenly the whole world is made of lentils, but seriously, it’s the ultimate winter soup on every corner of the earth. Pepper and Pine though – let’s admit it, they are creative – have added an extra twist to the humble yet tasty pulse. It’s also perfect for any vegan or vegetarian who wants a boost of protein in their diet.

Price: 4.00 JD

Jordan Heritage Restaurant

Ask any Nashmy(eh) and they’ll tell ya that good Jameed is worth its weight in gold. For those who know their Jameed, you need to set out for JRH and dive headlong into their Rashouf. A super-duper delicious and hearty chowder made with their signature Jameed, lentils (again), pulses, and grains of the season.

Price: 3.50 JD


Everyone and their wife knows that Koreans are, like ,the biggest foodies on planet food, and they love Jjamppong, hint taken. If you’re one of those folks who like it hot, don’t miss the chance to try Bimbim’s Jjamppong, this potpourri of seafood, veggies, and noodles will leave you lost for words. Your parents would agree that that’s a good thing.

Price: 3.50 JD

Bamboo Sushi

Okay, Bamboo shoot is nowhere near dethroning kale as the undisputed king of the health world, but that doesn’t mean Bamboo shoot isn’t one of the healthiest, most invigorating soups out there. Where to find this specimen of soup? You guessed it, Bamboo Sushi.

Price: 4.20 JD


Winter blues got you feeling crabby? In the market for a little Koi-ness in your otherwise boring day? Not to sound like an infomercial, but Koi really does have a sweet remedy; the Corn Crab soup is a heavenly blend of creamy puréed sweet corn, fresh crab and sautéd veggies. Pack up a big appetite, and Bon Appétit!   

Price: 3.00 JD

Chinese Village Restaurant

We know we’ve been on and on about soup for 3 days now, but Hotpot at the Chinese village isn’t just a soup folks, it’s a whole cultural experience! Before you go all smug on us, why not put your Indiana Jones hat on, gather the gang – they have private rooms – and try it. Don’t forget to reserve in advance!

Price: Varies 

Litchi Sushi

Get your bibs on boys and girls, things are gonna get messy. The spaghetti of the soup world, Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup chock full of everything good. Get your Ramen at Litchi Sushi, and don’t forget to throw in some shiitake mushrooms and Naruto fishcakes for that extra boost in flavor. 

Price: 5.99 JD

Remember Tipsters, stay warm and stay hearty!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team