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The Warm Up Guide – 🍲 The Best Soup in Town?

Where to find the best soup in town? You asked and here’s the answer: Come along for a walk through our Winter Warmup Wonderland, with a list of new and exciting twists, as well as classic throw-backs to childhood favorites. Featuring local delicacies, like lentil soup reprising its role as a go-to, to cult favorites, like Hot Pot and Ramen. Make new memories and reignite old flames beneath a boiling pot of soup.

casper & gambini’s

Prepare to be swept off your taste buds with the irresistible charm of Casper & Gambini’s gourmet corn soup! Indulge in a tempting fusion of sweet corn, aromatic basil oil, and luscious fresh cream, accompanied by a soft bun.

Price: 4.90 JD

thai room

Get ready for a sassy and fabulous dining experience at Thai Room where their Kauitiao Nue rules the kitchen. It’s slurp-worthy beef noodle soup that’ll make your taste buds dance with joy! Let the beefy awesomeness begin!

Price: 8.50 JD

tandoori oven

Spice up your taste buds at Tandoori Oven with their Tomato Rasam Soup! Indulge in the tangy kick of spiced tomatoes and curry broth as you soak up the lively ambiance. Get ready to embark on a flavor adventure!

Price: 1.65 JD


Experience the ultimate comfort at Paul, where onion soup reigns supreme. Savor the perfect blend of onions and mozzarella cheese, served in a delectable bread bowl. Warm, cheesy, and absolutely divine.

Price: 5.90 JD

fullmoon cafe

Lo and behold, a soup that’s an excuse to skip leg day at the gym! FullMoon Cafe concocts a drool-worthy hot jumble of Tofu, veggies, and seaweed. Low in carbs and full of probiotics, Miso soup is light and gentle on your tummy, lean and mean on your muscles!

Price: 2.50 JD

punjabi hut

Experience Punjab’s culinary essence with Punjabi Hut’s Dal Soup – a rich and aromatic lentil delight that immerses you in Indian flavors. Indulge in this savory bowlful that captures the essence of traditional cuisine.

Price: 1.25 JD


Experience the culinary bliss of Kababji: A sanctuary for lentil soup connoisseurs. Savor the exquisite combination of tangy lemon and toasted bread, redefining your soup enjoyment like never before.

Price: 2.45 JD


Winter lattes (aka calorie bombs), Netflix binging, and Chestnut’s cream of mushroom soup are what make winter bearable. Chestnut has that homey laid-back and cozy bar vibe, adding up to an overall comforting and relaxing experience to enjoy with a date or the gang.

Price: 5.50 JD


Introducing Tikka Chicken’s veggie soup: a delightful mix of fresh vegetables in a savory, irresistible broth. Get ready for a taste sensation you won’t forget.

Price: 2.16 JD

pepper and pine

It is as if suddenly the whole world is made of lentils, but seriously, it’s the ultimate winter soup on every corner of the earth. Pepper and Pine though – let’s admit it, they are creative – have added an extra twist to the humble yet tasty pulse. It’s also perfect for any vegan or vegetarian who wants a boost of protein in their diet.

Price: 4.00 JD

chopsticks & Taj mahal

Plunge into a delightful culinary escapade at Chopsticks & Taj Mahal, where you’ll immerse yourself in the irresistible fusion of flavors in our Chinese tofu and vegetarian soup! Be prepared for a sensory journey that will thrill your palate and create a lasting impression.

Price: 3.59 JD

ren chai

Ren Chai’s Hot & Sour soup is the ultimate Umami heaven; spicy, sour, and full of flavor. Make sure napkins are handy though, ‘coz you’re gonna be slobbering all over the table.

Price: 4.95 JD

the fit bar

Step into the vibrant world of The Fit Bar, where their epic sweet potato soup takes center stage. This ain’t your grandma’s soup; it’s a flavor explosion served with thyme rosemary croutons that will rock your world.

Price: 3.00 JD

tom yum

Discover the mouthwatering allure of Tom Yum, a place where seafood soup becomes a transcendental experience with its harmonious blend of aromatic herbs and succulent oceanic treasures.

Price: 6.32 JD

Le gemelle

Delight in the exquisite seafood soup fusion at Le Gemelle. Experience a harmonious culinary adventure, showcasing oceanic treasures in tomato or white stew.

Price: 10.50 JD 

la capital

 Whether you wanna impress someone on a first date or you’re just in the market for some hearty melted goodness, the Onion soup at La Capitale is your answer. White wine, a baguette and Emmental cheese? You’re sure to hit a home run, even if it’s just with your belly. 

Price: 7.00 JD 


Join the flavor fiesta at Salad Boutique with oh-so-delicious Orzo Red Soup! Tangy tomato broth, playful orzo pasta, and a burst of herbs. It’s soup-er fun that’ll have you coming back for more!

Price: 3.50 JD 

karam beirut

Savor the captivating flavors of Karam Beirut’s mushroom soup, a culinary masterpiece that will enthrall your senses. Experience the warmth and richness that bursts forth from every spoonful, leaving an unforgettable impression.


Savor the deliciousness of Green Tea’s Onion Soup – a medley of caramelized onions, melted cheese, and toasted bread. A flavor-packed delight that will keep you coming back for more!

Price: 3.07 JD 

wok u like

Health freaks – and wannabes – rejoice! Woke U Like has a seafood soup that’ll leave you warm and swooning. It’s healthy, low in calories, and absolutely Yum, how they ever managed that, we haven’t got a clue! 

Price: 6.25 JD

Remember Tipsters, stay warm and stay hearty!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team