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Snow Day Special – Amman From Above

It started with the wind, then came the snow, then came the rain, then came the freeze and finally the snow all over again! As we appreciate another relaxing day at home or lose our patience at being cooped up for another day, let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful aerial imagery captured by the Tip n’ Tag Drone during Huda’s not so brief fling with Amman.

Fifth Circle

Snow Covering Streets

Snow Covering Amman

Amman Covered in Snow
Snow From Above

Snow and Sunlight

Amman Under Snow

Amman in White

While we hope you enjoyed the aerial imagery and sources say that the worst is over, temperatures are still below 5° during the day and below 0° after nightfall. Please spare a thought and do what you can for those in less fortunate conditions and try not to force any delivery men out on the dangerous streets at night.

Stay home, stay warm and enjoy the rest of your Huda Holiday.

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team



One response to “Snow Day Special – Amman From Above”

  1. Nebras says:

    Some great shots of Amman! Thanks Tip n Tag team..