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Lady Lemur -✨ JJ’s Beauty House

Ladies, you asked: where can I find a place that serves all my beauty needs?

And like a fairy (digital) godmother, with a swish and flick of a wand, we landed on JJ’s Beauty House. With their new concept relating to beauty, they are causing a major disruption in Amman’s beauty scene and here’s why. 

Keep reading as a special gift awaits…

Located in Abdoun, JJ’s Beauty House has hand-picked all the best beauty connoisseurs in A-Town and tastefully placed them under one roof.

Beauty in Amman just got a lot more holistic!

“Starting from the inside out, we believe that beauty serves as a cornerstone for self-care, supported by the fact that a woman feels her best when she is holistically taking care of herself” JJ’s Beauty Team.

The female entrepreneurs who were supported by their families for this project questioned their current dislikes in the culture and standards of the beauty industry in Amman and sought to create solutions.

It’s all in the details at JJ’s Beauty House. 

Whether it is fitted sheets on the tables that replace uncomfortable paper ones or sweet scents, every corner includes curation and comfort with the customer in mind.

Moreover, there’s something for everyone! For the eco-friendly beauties, JJ’s aims to derive all naturally sourced products and the best of the best that may not be available in Amman to begin with. 

What is wholesome beauty? Imagine this…you walk into JJ’s and you have an option of over 30 beauty services in their haven.

You get a one-stop shop for everything you can possibly need under the category of self-care, from yoga to hair styling, nails, makeup, nutrition, dermatology, spa services, and everything in between.

Spend a whole day or pick a few services, but one thing is for sure: when you walk into JJ’s, you’re part of the family. 

Their concierge service and hospitality is at the forefront, from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave. 

So now you might be wondering, where do they fit all of these services? It can’t possibly be true? The answer is in their major complex. 4 floors of beauty, each floor dedicated to specific services,  so let’s dive right in. 

Tip: Leave the awkwardness of sharing a spa space behind and book a day for you and your besties with a private spa that offers the chance to play your own music while enjoying a massage, Turkish or Moroccan bath, and jacuzzi.

Services Include: Hair salon, nail spa, make-up studio, tattoo studio (body tattoos, microblading, lvl, and lash extensions), threading, waxing, sugar, clothing boutique, and tea/coffee garden.

Tip: Don’t forget to snap a pic in front of their Instagrammable walls scattered all around the complex!

Services Include: Dermatology, nutrition, laser, body sculpting, and facials.

Tip: Go for some beauty on the outside and work on beauty from the inside. Their nutritionist is one of the top professionals who will be available for you even when you want to go out and eat! 

Welcome to the fourth and final floor, JJ’s studio. Which includes a chance for you to come for Yoga or Pilates indoors and if the weather is amazing, enjoy classes outdoors in their Yoga Garden.

Tip: To get the full experience, start on the 4th floor with a good workout, then head downstairs to continue on your journey. Because beauty in Amman means aligning everything!

Start your journey of self-love through embracing your individuality and encouraging others to do so as well at JJ’s Beauty House. 

And to support that journey, JJ’s wanted to offer a little gift to all of our Lady Lemur’s with 15% off any services.

Stay Beautiful, Ladies!

Lady Lemur Love
The Tip n’ Tag Team