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The Weekender – 10 Cozy Winter Sanctuaries

There’s an Arabic word for when the temperatures start to drop and the skies turn grey, and that’s “kankaneh”. Kankaneh is the equivalent of coziness in English. It evokes the urge to snuggle into an oversized sweater, a pair of fuzz-lined boots, and toasty up in warm togetherness with a hot drink and good company.

So to get your dose of kankaneh this winter, we’ve come up with a list of 10 places where you can finally seek refuge from the chilly cold and embrace the wintertime.

The Lodge

The epitome of winter is curling up to a fireplace with a hot drink and enjoying the heat of an open flame. That is exactly what you can do at The Lodge. Located in Fuheis, The Lodge is right outside the city of Amman, offering a quiet refuge from the capital. The mix of old and new décor and authentic culinary flavours, coupled with live music events is a great choice for a change of pace.

Must Try: The Lodge Pot’s special Chicken Pie.

Salam Kanaan Gallery

This quaint little corner gallery is a homey reflection of the mind and art that is Salam Kanaan. With an eclectic collection of vintage furniture and beautiful paintings hanging from the colourful walls, the cozy café is a perfect Rainbow Street hideaway from the winter cold.

Must Try: Their deliciously nostalgic milk and honey tea.

Vintage Lounge & Restaurant

Hidden in the folds of Jabal Amman, Vintage Lounge and Restaurant is settled in a charming old house and is a pleasant spot to get away from the wind. True to it’s name, the vintage style décor is reminiscent of a wistful time. It also boasts popular dishes from around the world and a offers its’ patrons upbeat music to liven the mood.

Must Try: The Baked Brie for a mouthwatering cheesy experience.


Nuzzled in a Bed & Breakfast, Bonita is hip, intimate and has the ambience filled with throwback music, live performances and a variety of world tapas. This corner spot has the character to make you feel like you’re not even in Amman.

Must Try: The Patatas Bravas for a true winter fill-me-up meal.


For those needing a little creative inspiration, Montage is a hub for all interested in film and creation. Located at the Royal Film Commission, it’s the place to go if you’re in the mood to relax, work, study or even watch a movie with a hot cup of Joe. The creative design extends from the walls to their ever-affordable menu.

Must Try: The Montage’s classic burger to maintain your energy and satisfy your taste buds.

Turtle Green

Nothing says winter like a warm cup of tea and a good book. Turtle Green is the tea haven in Amman, offering an assortment of local teas, herbal blends and homemade treats to go along.

Must Try: The ‘Warmly Yours’ blend, made with a black tea base, infused with rose petals, cinnamon and cardamom to make your insides all warm and fuzzy.

Blue Fig

Blue Fig is a local favourite for a reason. Tried and true, this haven of cultural fusion has stood the test of time and trends. Blue Fig stands not only for its creative diversity but also for their musical events, sophisticated simplicity, intimate ambiance and standout design.

Must Try: The Mediterranean Shrimp and Fish Dish.

Joz Hind

Joz Hind is a beautifully romantic play on an important cooking ingredient and the names of the owners, Hind and her husband Luca. This cute hole-in-the-wall, family-run kitchen is located in Jabal Weibdeh, fusing Luca’s Italian roots with Hind’s local flavour.

Must Try: Joz Hind’s menu changes daily – surprise yourself.

Boho Haus

Boho Haus is an eclectic visual experience, showcasing beautiful designs and unique décor for an offbeat ambiance. This bohemian restaurant is located off Mecca Street, perfect to study, hang out with friends or have some tasty food.

Must Try: The scrumptious strawberry cheesecake, because nothing says winter like indulging in sweets.

Jasmine House Art & Food

This open-plan, 50’s-inspired space is filled with artwork and the sweet aroma of Italian cuisine fused with local ingredients. It is a house with purpose, in addition to an exposed buffet daily prepared for its patrons to devour. If Mediterranean flavour and inspiration is what you seek this winter, Jasmine House Art & Food is the place to be.

Must Try: The array of Mediterranean delights from their daily buffet.

Wherever you choose to go, remember that when winter comes, it means that spring is around the corner. Therefore enjoy what is and make the most of it.

Now go out and get cozy, Tipsters!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team