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The Weekender – 👩🏻‍💻 Top 10 Work-Friendly Cafés

For all you roaming souls out there that refuse to sit behind a desk: it’s safe to say that the first thing you’re thinking about in the morning is where you’re headed to get your coffee buzz and WiFi to do some work! We’re here to save the day and drop you the list of the top 10 LOCAL cafes to work or study at in Amman.

A modern and comfortable workspace that fosters a new work culture where you can control your work environment! Grab food and a drink from Shams El Balad and get in the zone.
Tip: The code “Tip n’ Tag” gives you 1-week free access, and if you’re a student you get 50% off! 

Spending a work day here is an absolute treat! Inside, their warm wood features, and laid back atmosphere create a homey vibe. But when you walk out onto their lively outdoor patio, you’ll get to soak up some sun and socialize.
Tip: Nothing compares to a warm flavorful and aromatic latté from Kava paired with a slice of Honey Cake!

Need to spread out and work or meet your team in a large, private space? Syrup’s large tables, delicious coffee and healthy dessert selection in their modern sleek space will amp up your productivity sessions.
Tip: Enjoy a light Vegan Hazelnut Mocha!

Put your caffeine addiction to good use at this vibrant cafe and bookshop at the National Gallery of Fine Arts. It’s on the top floor of the gallery and has an outdoor terrace, making it the perfect place to work while overlooking the city.
Tip: Get a proper caffeine kick by ordering a cold Espresso Freddo.

This cozy coffee shop gives us all the feels. It’s dim lighting and chill atmosphere will get you in a totally focused mood that will allow you to tackle your tasks at hand.
Tip: You can’t go wrong with the best selling classic: a Flat White!

This elegant coffee house is a place where you can channel chief executive vibes during your work day. It’s the perfect spot to answer emails over a beautiful espresso bar that’ll get you through the day.
Tip: Opt for a Syphon filtered coffee for a bright and vibrant cup. 

Want to escape for a little? This engaging space offers a library, workshop spaces, a rock climbing wall, and a healthy kitchen and coffee house.
Tip: Treat yourself to a hearty Espresso Macchiato with a side of dessert.

Everything about Dimitri’s screams ‘sit down, sip your skilfully made Jordanian roasted coffee, and work!’ This specialty cafe in Amman offers delicious locally roasted coffee and a cozy space for studying and working. 
Tip: Go for a Toffee Coffee and a croissant!

A go-to work space loved by many! The sight of working young Ammani’s faces lit up by laptop screens is common at Espresso Lab’s laid back and spaced-out layout that makes it a perfect place to work and study.
Tip: You must try their signature Honey Bear Latte!

This professional, thoughtfully run establishment, is a popular work hub amongst young Jordanians. It’s comfortable and welcoming environment makes it a fantastic place to work and sample a wide variety of teas and coffees.
Tip: Pair their popular Di Caprese Panini with an iced latte.

Happy Working Tipsters!

Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team