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The Weekender – 28 Smoke-Free Sanctuaries

Do you struggle in finding smoke-free places in Amman? The Tip n’ Tag Team has decided to put down their cigarettes for you and to whip out this list of 28 smoke-free sanctuaries.

First Draft | Smoke-Free Places

Why burn your lungs when you can settle for burning a hole in your pocket with an abundance of drinks? First Draft is likely to be one of the only smoke-free bars in Amman.

Sade | Smoke-Free Places

Sade is a quiet little cafe that, unlike most Jordanian newborns, is unfamiliar with cigarette smoke. Here, you can enjoy a cup of Turkish tea or coffee with a book to keep you company.

Smoke-free places | Manara

Manara is a smoke-free art cafe; provided you don’t go out on their balcony. Nurture your soul as you bathe in the natural light that floods its auspices as you munch on their delicious sugar-free bites.

Smoke-free places | Oliva

Nothing spells or smells like comfort like the aroma of a pizza cooking in the oven. Luckily, if you ever manage to nab a table inside Oliva, that’s all you’ll be smelling.

Boutique Bakery

Boutique Bakery is a quaint bakery tucked in Weibdeh’s French Institute, and if you know anything about the French, it’s that they hate smoking indoors. This bodes well for you, but here you may browse your all-time favorite breads of all kinds, undisturbed by burning nicotine.

Majnoon Qahwa | Smoke-free places

Majnoon Qahwa’s Abdoun branch closed its smoking section years ago, so nary a smoking teenager will ye find here anymore. If you’re considering lighting a vitamin stick here, take it outside.

Smoke-free places | carakale

Struggling to enjoy a beer outside the shroud of smoke? A road trip to Carakale should do the trick. Kick back in their tasting room with a beer in hand, and a view of people hard at work to provide life-juice to all of Jordan.


Kalamazoo is a place where the tables are so full of bountiful succulent cuts of meat that there is no room for ashtrays. Give your lungs a break and your taste buds a treat here.

Smoke-free places | Jungle Fever

Nestled atop one of Amman’s biggest art galleries, and shacking up on the same floor as its library, Jungle Fever is a good place to get work done. You’re safe here: smokers are rounded up outside on the balcony.


This atmospheric coffee house is home to some of Amman’s best coffee. You won’t need a cigarette at Melange. Just sit back and watch their drip coffee machine do its wonders.

smoke-free places | Rumi

Packed with hipsters and expats is Rumi, a local’s favorite. Whether morning or night, it not only promotes reading with its hidden bookshelves, but favors a smoke-free environment as well.

smoke-free places | Mindhub

Since the day our search for smoke-free establishments began, we’d only hear about MindHub. The two-floored-cafe serves as a beacon of hope for more lung-friendly havens in this beloved beige city.

Pepper & Pine Co.

A lemon tree should not breathe air tainted by cigarette smoke, and the one at Pepper & Pine sure doesn’t. When you’re hungry and looking for a smoke-free spot to dine in, this is the place to be.


Wooden logs may be great to feed a fire in the outdoors, but at Trattoria, they’re only there for decorative reasons. Combined with a smoke-free environment, the aesthetic truly elevates your dining experience.


Two floors of coffee-infused-goodness is what Kava promises to deliver, every single time. The corner coffee shop, with its smoke-free atmosphere and strong brew-game, stands true to the coffee-bean-experience.

Smoke-free places Wild Jordan

No matter where you choose to be nestled in, every corner of Wild Jordan remains untainted by cigarette smoke. The only way you can sneak a drag or two is if you were to go outside on the balcony.


One of the many hidden gems in this eccentric city is a place where Ammanis choose to dine on a regular basis. Melograno is no foreigner to a smoke-free policy. Perhaps a bonus to its excellent cuisine.

Foodsmith Grill Smoke-free places

The only things that should be smoked are your tender beef cuts. Foodsmith Grill not only delivers in flavors and in style, it serves as yet another haven in this city for those of you who aren’t smokers.

Sushi Den | Smoke-free places

If you have to eat pickled ginger to cleanse your palate before you can truly enjoy sushi, you best know that smoking reduces your palate’s sensitivity as well. Sushi Den and its smoke-free policy allow you to savor every scrumptious bite.

Smoke-free places little italy

Cigarettes and salads never go hand in hand, and carpaccio pizza should be the only thing smoked. Little Italy – Pizzeria is where flavors come out to play and tobacco stays hidden away.

Il Terrazzo

Il Terrazzo, the Italian corner restaurant with flavorful dishes and a crisp atmosphere, is constantly packed with those of you who’s truest addiction is appetizing food.

Smoke-free places

One of the few smoke-free sanctuaries in this city that serve an experience with every dish. Hala’s Treats is a continuously creative bakery that allows you to delight in every delicious bite.


If you ever thought the primitive man had a pre-rolled cigarette to enjoy after his paleo meal, you’d have to think again. Although relatively smoke-free, the second floor at Primal does have a smoking area!

Smoke-free places Caffe Strada

Famously known for its smoke-free policy, Caffe Strada stands to deliver in comfort and flavors. This intimate corner shop is great for when you want to have one long, uninterrupted study session.

The Eatery

The Eatery, with its closely packed tables and smoke-free environment, makes for a great family dining experience. Always a great go-to whether it’s your kids or parents you’d like to take out for a bite to eat.

Four Winters

The ever-changing, ever expanding flavors at Four Winters aren’t the only thing worth hitting up this place for. You can never go wrong with a piping hot brownie topped with cold ice cream in a smoke-free joint.

Jasmine House

A place where every corner has a narrative of its own. Jasmine House is a haven for the non-smoking minority in Amman. Its indoor area remains untainted by the ever burning cigarettes of Ammanis.


To truly enjoy the flavors and aromas of coffee, you have to brew it the right way. That’s what Dimitri’s specializes in. Their lab-like coffee stations and smoke-free branches at Abdali and Weibdeh allow you to delight in every sip of the rejuvenating beverage.

Mark Twain once said, “Quitting is easy, I’ve done it a thousand times.”

Lemur Love, 
The Tip n’ Tag Team