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The Weekender – 28 Smoke-Free Sanctuaries

Did you know that Jordan ranks the second highest country when it comes to the percentage of smokers? You surely have a friend or two who’ve never lit a cigarette in their life, or might have even decided to cut down on the chimney works yourself. Ever thought, “Hey, where’s a place to go that’s smoke-free?” Well, apparently there’s quite a few. Who but the Tip n’ Tag Team would care to share them with you?

Shams El Balad

 Think of Shams El Balad as a contemporary expression of wholesomeness. From its art-filled corners to the pleasing flavors of its well plated dishes, there’s not an inch that doesn’t hint at a naturally organic approach.

Fann Wa Chai

Tucked away in a hidden corner, Fann Wa Chai is a place where minds come to rest in the early morning hours. The light aesthetic nestled within its walls remains untainted by the smoke of a burning cigarette.


Since the day our search for smoke-free establishments began, we’d only hear about MindHub. The two-floored-cafe serves as a beacon of hope for more lung-friendly havens in this beloved beige city.

Pepper & Pine Co.

A lemon tree should not breathe air tainted by cigarette smoke, and the one at Pepper & Pine sure doesn’t. When you’re hungry and looking for a smoke-free spot to dine in, this is the place to be.


Wooden logs may be great to feed a fire in the outdoors, but at Trattoria, they’re only there for decorative reasons. Combined with a smoke-free environment, the aesthetic truly elevates your dining experience.

Indoor Cafe

Behind white doors and red brick walls lies the most interesting of places. Indoor Cafe, with its curious aesthetic, is one place cigarettes are not allowed. To be here is to agree not to light up your smoke.

Sushi Studio

The delicacy of sushi has to be indulged with all of your senses. Sushi Studio, with its non-smoking policy, truly allows you to take delight in these colorful Japanese creations.

Kava Espresso & Brew Bar

Two floors of coffee infused goodness is what Kava promises to deliver, every single time. The corner coffee shop, with its smoke-free atmosphere and strong brew-game, stands true to the coffee-bean-experience.

Wild Jordan Center

No matter where you choose to be nestled in, every corner of Wild Jordan remains untainted by cigarette smoke. The only way you can sneak a drag or two is if you were to go outside on the balcony.


One of the many hidden gems in this eccentric city is a place where Ammanis choose to dine on a regular basis. Melograno is no foreigner to a smoke-free policy. Perhaps a bonus to its excellent cuisine.


Flights of stairs and a big Roman clock aren’t the only things you’ll see at this lovely cafe. OGGI is one sanctuary in this city where cigarettes aren’t allowed, and the only thing you’d have in your hand is a mug of their delicious coffee.

Foodsmith Grill

The only things that should be smoked are your tender beef cuts. Foodsmith Grill not only delivers in flavors and in style, it serves as yet another haven in this city for those of you who aren’t smokers.


Unlike its elder sibling, this intimate cafe is a place where cigarettes aren’t allowed indoors. Books@Abdoun is one colorful sanctuary in Amman where the non-smokers amongst you can go to have a great conversation.

The Sushi Den

If you have to eat pickled ginger to cleanse your palate before you can truly enjoy sushi, you best know that smoking reduces your palate’s sensitivity as well. Sushi Den and its smoke-free policy allow you to savor every scrumptious bite.

Little Italy - Pizzeria

Cigarettes and salads never go hand in hand, and carpaccio pizza should be the only thing smoked. Little Italy – Pizzeria is where flavors come out to play and tobacco stays hidden away.

The Good Book Shop

If you want to enjoy a good read and a warm cup of coffee away from the smoke tainted air, the Good Book Shop is one place to do that.

Il Terrazzo Restaurant

Il Terrazzo, the Italian corner restaurant with flavorful dishes and a crisp atmosphere, is constantly packed with those of you who’s truest addiction is appetizing food.

Hala's Treats

One of the few smoke-free sanctuaries in this city that serve an experience with every dish. Hala’s Treats is a continuously creative bakery that allows you to delight in every delicious bite.

Primal Restaurant

If you ever thought the primitive man had a pre-rolled cigarette to enjoy after his paleo meal, you’d have to think again. Although relatively smoke-free, the second floor at Primal does have a smoking area!

Caffe Strada

Famously known for its smoke-free policy, Caffe Strada stands to deliver in comfort and flavors. This intimate corner shop is great for when you want to have one long, uninterrupted study session.

The Eatery Co

The Eatery, with its closely packed tables and smoke-free environment, makes for a great family dining experience. Always a great go to whether it’s your kids or parents you’d like to take out for a bite to eat.

Rumi Cafe

Packed with hipsters and expats is a local’s favorite. Whether morning or night, Rumi not only promotes reading with its hidden bookshelves, it favors a smoke-free environment as well.

Colours Restaurant

Red carpets and matching hues are two of the three things you’ll find at Colours. If you haven’t yet guessed the third, you really must’ve not understood the concept behind this article.

The Cake Shop

If there’s one thing Marie Antoinette did that was right, it was eating cake. Sure, she had her problems, but what problems can’t be fixed with a sweet confection from the Cake Shop these days?

Jasmine House Art & Food

A place where every corner has a narrative of its own. Jasmine House is a haven for the non-smoking minority in Amman. Its indoor area remains untainted by the ever burning cigarettes of Ammanis.

Fatty Dab's Burger Shack

If you want your burger patties juicy, your fries near homemade, and your atmosphere smoke-free, Fatty Dab’s is the place for you to be. Amman’s favorite burger shack has a non-smoking policy indoors, for you to truly enjoy every meaty bite.

Dimitri's Coffee

To truly enjoy the flavors and aromas of coffee, you have to brew it the right way. That’s what Dimitri’s specializes in. Their lab-like coffee stations and smoke-free branch at Abdali allows you to delight in every sip of the rejuvenating beverage.

Four Winters

The ever-changing, ever expanding flavors at Four Winters aren’t the only thing worth hitting up this place for. You can never go wrong with a piping hot brownie topped with cold ice cream in a smoke-free joint.

Mark Twain once said, “Quitting is easy, I’ve done it a thousand times.”

Lemur Love, 

The Tip n’ Tag Team