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The Weekender – 🍁 Top 10 Fall Drinks

There are so many fall drinks this season that it’s difficult to figure out what’s a trick and what’s a treat. To help you find your favorite fall sip Tipsters, check out our list of this season’s top 10 drinks at these awesome local favorites!

The PSL is that b*tch for a reason! When it comes to fall drinks, this iconic, #basic favorite never disappoints. And the perfect spot to enjoy a hot, creamy cup of pumpkin spice is at The Coffee Room’s cozy location in artsy Weibdeh. 

For a wild and vibrant glass of natural, organic, and high-quality wine, head to Fyxx Shop. It’s a cool and modern space in Swefieh Village. 

At this charming Parisian-inspired cozy corner nestled between the trees of Jabal Amman, you’ve gotta switch up the usual hot coco for their warm cup of Salted Caramel White Coco! 

What better than an ice-cold Black Camel Spider Carakale beer to kick-start spooky season? If you declare yourself as a beer lover, then Carakale’s taproom is where you need to go. This microbrewery, located in the beautiful blue canyon away from the bustling city. Enjoy the local beer and incredible views.

Their small superfood and fresh juices shop in Weibdeh is the perfect stop for a quick healthy refreshment! Fight off flu season with this citrusy delight, from the city’s favorite health conscious juice bar. 

We love cocktails in all their shapes and sizes. Especially vodka-based, purple ones! This tasty and creepy-looking cocktail is perfect for a night out. It’ll definitely get your party started. Sip on Purple Night around the pool table at this stylish and hip pub in one of Amman’s oldest streets.

This fashionable cocktail has been gaining a good rep amongst young adults. It’s now THE cocktail of 2021. We can’t think of a better place to enjoy this fan-favorite than at C.Ling’s hip and lively rooftop at the heart of Jabal Amman. 

This modern, minimalistic, and spacious coffee house is the talk of the town when it comes to  Matcha Latte. Sip on it while you watch the tree leaves dance till they fall.

Enjoy a drink that’ll wake you up and then mess you up! At Veer, you can enjoy your caffeine and alcohol-infused drink in a bougie, heated garden. It’s one of the prettiest and coziest outdoor areas in the city.

At Rustic, the old stone walls, the fairy lights, and the unique cozy vintage design make it the perfect setting to enjoy whiskey and baileys for this season. 

Happy Fall Tipsters!