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The Weekender – Thanksgiving Guide 2019

Existentialism is a thing, and dank memes are there to support your basic need to express that inner crisis. But this isn’t a guide to your emotions, it’s a guide to Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving 2019 Ready Cooked Meals

For all of you rad salmons who swim up the stream, there’s no need to trouble yourselves to achieve the Thanksgiving dream. There is such a thing as a preordered meal, and the Tip n’ Tag Team gathered a few places that do deliver, or prepare what your stomachs so truly desire.

Landmark Amman Hotel

Full thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings ready to be devoured.
6 KG Turkey: 75++ JD
8 KG Turkey: 95++ JD
Free delivery | Order 48 hours ahead

Kempinski Hotel Amman

Full thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings ready to be devoured.
4 – 5 KG Turkey: 85 JD
6 – 7 KG Turkey: 100 JD
8 – 9 KG Turkey: 110 JD
Pick up or delivery available | Order 48 hours ahead

Atico Fakhreldin Group

Full thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings in four different styles, ready to be devoured. Between the original American style with gravy and blueberry sauce, the French style with orange gravy, or one of the two oriental options, you can’t help but drool.

Per KG of Turkey: 14 JD
Order ahead of time

W Hotel Amman

Full thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings ready to be devoured.
Serving 10 – 12 people: 130 JD
All Inclusive | Order 48 hours ahead

Amman Rotana Hotel

Full thanksgiving dinner with all the traditional trimmings.
Serving 10 – 12 people: 100 JD
All inclusive | Only self pick-up | Order 48 hours ahead

Frozen Turkey Birds For Thanksgiving

If you’re blessed with culinary talents and enjoy cooking for your loved ones, you may as well celebrate the holiday spirits the old-school way by buying a frozen turkey from The Meat Master, Cozmo or Safeway.

Cheese Platters For Thanksgiving

It’s no news that you can order cheese platters from the masters of craft themselves. Cheese & More specialize in dear dairy, as you can tell from the name, and can be a ready alternative for pampering your guests.

While Get Spiritz cater more to the boozy bees of the quaint little hive that is Amman, dedicated stumble bees know about the cheese platters on offer. Price varies depending on the amount of stomachs you have to please.

Now, if you were to go the extra length and choose your own assortment of cheese, Select Foods Shoppe has a variety of sweet and savory options for you to create your own masterful platter. Pair them with nuts, crackers and fruits!

Delicious Desserts To Devour This Thanksgiving

Nothing wraps up a meal better than a sweet treat. The more you can place on the dining table, the more thankful your guests will be! Get in the seasonal feel with a few pumpkin spice doughnuts from Dough Republic. Pair them with a pumpkin praline pie from Sugar Daddy’s, and top them off with the apple crumble ice cream from Four Winters.

What are you thankful for this year?

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team