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The Weekender – Favorite Asian Restaurants

Raise your hand if you could eat Asian food every day, for the rest of your life. We’ve compiled your go-to Asian (East and South!) eateries in Amman so you’ll never be without Asian, sushi, pad thai, or chicken tikka masala.

Craving Thai food? Papaya Thai Kitchen in Weibdeh serves up your favorite Thai classics at a reasonable price. Our recs: the Beef Bok Choy or Chicken Pad Thai.

Did someone say Dim Sum!? Ren Chai offers your Dim Sum favorites. This fine-dining restaurant is definitely the place to go if someone else is paying…

Sushi date night, anyone? Vinaigrette is the perfect place to take a date with its romantic and sleek vibes and shareable sushi platters. 

Looking for amazing sashimi or nigiri? Trick question, of course, you are. The Sushi Den offers delicious so many different types of sushi rolls, you’ll want to go back again and again to try them all. P.S. their salmon is super fresh, so make sure you order one of their many salmon rolls.

Tempura shrimp with spicy mayo but make it “healthy”. The Shrimp Rock salad is a must-order at Roe. You can find this salad at their Weibdeh or Sweifieh Village locations!

Make a good first impression on your date and suggest Yoshi for dinner and spend the evening wining and dining on sake and sushi. Order the Yoshi Salad as an appetizer. We promise that if the conversation sucks, this salad won’t.

Craving some appetizer sushi in addition to your Pad Thai from Papaya. Head two doors down to Xian and you’ll find your Chinese and Japanese favorites. Their Miso soup will keep you nice and warm this winter.

Let’s be honest, Chinese takeout is better than eating at the restaurant. TomYum’s takeout doesn’t disappoint and makes the perfect food option for a movie night at home.

Can anyone be upset when dumplings are present? Didn’t think so. The beef dumplings at Peking Restaurant are our top rec at this Chinese eatery. 

If you’re ever stuck in traffic on Al Medina Al-Monawwera street and starving, stop by Jammu and Kashmir for some delicious Palaak Paneer and Chicken Tikka.

So you might recognize this restaurant from our “Under-the-Radar Eateries”, but we couldn’t not include Chapatti’s Indian Shawarma in this list. Order the shawarma and some butter chicken and you’re all set for a bomb-@$$ meal. 

Looking for solid Indian takeout? Shahryar in Shmeisani is the answer. Order their Chicken Tikka Masala; it’s insanely good.

Looking for something other than Chicken Tikka Masala? Order the Hariyaii Kabab coated with mint, coriander, and basil at Tandoori Oven and you’ll be begging for more.

Indian food but make it bougie. Indish is the perfect spot for a date night with its sleek interior and beautiful outdoor patio. Oh yeah, their food is amazing too. Need an order rec? Try their lamb vindaloo, only if you can handle the heat.

Peace, love, sushi & masala, Tipsters!

Lemur Love, 

The Tip n’ Tag Team