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The Weekender - Delicious Destination Drives | Amman

Eid is a time that calls for adventure and family drives to delicious destinations. Why stop at one location before calling it a day, when you can make a road trip out of it? If you’re worried about fuel, there’s plenty of gas stations across the country, and if it’s about food, the Tip n’ Tag Team has got your back. Whether it’s north, south, or west you want to go, we’ve got your day mapped out for you! Driving …

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The Weekender - 8 Eccentric Experiences | Amman

It may seem hard to believe at first sight, but Amman is a city crawling with new experiences. From underground raves to dining in caves, there’s always something eccentric lying around the bend. You may have difficulty finding that needle in the hay, but hey, that’s what Tip n’ Tag is here for. We’ve managed to collect a few interesting needles, out and around Amman, for you to impress your friends with at your next get together. Forget about cabins …

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