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The Weekender – 🍔 Top 10 Burger Places

Are you looking for the burger? That burger that makes your heart flutter like no other burger ever has before? No worries Tipsters, you won’t have to go around Amman trying every burger until you find the one. We have rounded up a list of the top 10 burger places in Amman, with Tipster recommendations added to the mix!

Rustic Bar and Eatery

At Rustic, our burgers aren’t just good – they’re legendary. Imagine juicy patties loaded with flavor, topped with cheese that’ll have your taste buds dancing. And the best part? You can savor all this deliciousness at 30% off during our epic happy hour! So, if you’re on the quest for burger perfection, your search ends here.

Must-Try: Rustic Signature Burger, super juicy & tasty!

Night Shift - burgers

Craving something epic? At Night Shift Burger, they don’t just make burgers—they create flavor explosions. Their smashed patties are juicy masterpieces, tucked in between the softest buns you’ve ever sunk your teeth into. It’s more than just a meal; it’s a late-night taste adventure.

Must-Try: Bacon Jam; the bad boy got 80 grams of prime Australian beef, smothered in a bacon jam.

Blue FIg. - burger

Prepare for a global gastronomic adventure at Blue Fig, where every bite is a celebration of world cultures! With a menu bursting with diverse delights, dining here with friends is always an endless journey of culinary exploration. But let’s talk burgers – they’re not just insanely delicious, they’re flavor-packed champions from around the globe! From classic favorites to exotic creations, there’s a burger for every craving. And the best part? No matter what you choose, you can always count on Blue Fig’s consistency to deliver top-notch deliciousness every single time.

Must-Try: Fire-grilled New Orleans Blues Burger, served on the freshly baked sourdough.

Hash Burger

Dive into a world of burger bliss with their signature creation! Featuring pretzel buns, smashed patties dripping with mouthwatering sauce, every bite is a juicy delight. At Hash Burger, it’s all about serving up irresistible flavors that’ll keep you coming back for more. So, if you’re on the hunt for a burger experience that’s more addictive than your favorite TV show, you’ve found your spot.

Must-Try: Ash Burger, a premium black Angus beef patty tucked into a hash pretzel bun.

The Original Burger

Welcome to The Original Burger, where flavor’s the boss and fun never clocks out! Bite into the town’s coolest burgers and relish the juiciest, sauciest bites ever. Warning: their double patty wonderland is a one-way trip! Embark on the ultimate burger quest and crush your cravings like a pro.

Must-Try: OB Double and double the fun.

Between Buns

Cheeseburgers are the go-to for any mood, delivering that unbeatable comfort with every bite. But when it’s time to shine, chicken burgers steal the spotlight, packing a punch of flavor that’s hard to resist. So, whether you’re gathering with friends or simply treating yourself, Between Buns is where the magic of good food brings us all together!

Must-Try: BB’S Chicken BBQ!

Bun Meats Dough

Donuts and burgers – a match made in heaven! At Bun Meats Dough, they’ve masterfully merged the sweet delights of glazed donuts with the savory satisfaction of prime beef patties. The result? A taste sensation unlike any other! If you’re still on the fence about this delectable duo, fear not! Bun Meats Dough offers their homemade potato buns as a delightful alternative. But let’s be honest, why choose when you can have both? Indulge in a mouthwatering burger and save room for a sweet treat (or five!) later.

Must-Try: Their NEW flat bun!

Bash Burger

Tired of the eternal question, “What’s for dinner?” Say hello to your delicious dilemma-solver: Bash Burger! They don’t just make burgers; they craft edible masterpieces. Think crispy, crunchy onions and buns so fluffy, you’ll want to take a nap on them! Each bite is a flavor explosion that’ll have you dancing in your seat. When it comes to burger perfection, Bash Burger knows how to bring the bash to your taste buds!

Must-Try: Shroomin’ Swiss is Shroomin’ and groovin’ with a 7 oz 100% Angus beef patty, Swiss cheese, mushrooms, and sautéed onions. 

Pounder Inc

Get ready to have your taste buds knocked out by flavor! When you’re entrusting your burger dreams to a chef, why not go big? Ali Ghzawi, a Top Chef winner, is here to elevate your burger experience to new heights. With his culinary prowess, Pounder isn’t just a burger joint; it’s a flavor revolution in burger town!

Must-Try: The Famous Pounder Meal, this is the meal deal that’s got it all!

Eaters burger

Brace yourself for a classic burger with a twist that’s bound to tickle your taste buds! It’s the go-to choice for burger lovers who crave an explosion of flavors with every bite. At Eaters, they’re all about taking the familiar and making it extraordinary. So, if you’re ready to elevate your burger game, dive into a culinary adventure that’s sure to leave your taste buds buzzing with delight!

Must-Try: The Mushroom Swiss, perfect for those who love their burgers loaded with flavor.

Long live the juicy burger, Tipsters.

Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team