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The Weekender – 🍔 Top 20 Burger Places

Are you looking for the burger? That burger that makes your heart flutter like no other burger ever has before? No worries Tipsters, you won’t have to go around Amman trying every burger until you find the one. The Weekender has rounded up a list of the top 20 burger places in Amman, with Tipster recommendations added to the mix!

Don’t let the name fool you, Urban Shawerma makes a mean– and trendy –Urban Burger. In addition to, of course, Shawarma and wings! They boast responsibly sourced, expertly marinated and lovingly prepared sandwiches that will make you bacon crazy! 

Price: 4.15 JD

If you have your heart divided between ribs and burgers, then BBR Brisket & Grill will make you realize that you never have to settle for anything less than absolute perfection. Wear armor for you will be shot with an explosion of taste from the very first bite!

Price: 5.25 – 10 JD

Meat can be messy, especially when the patty is char-grilled to mouth-watering goodness. If you’re into a refined burger, then Salt Steakhouse has an atmosphere that will put your mind at ease and your stomach in a lovely daze.

Price: 15 JD

The Secret is in the Sauce. Streats will melt your heart with a symphony of meticulously constructed sauces that will prove to you that meat is the beat, and sauce is the rhythm that ties it all together.

Price: 5 JD

Everyone knows the perfect brisket falls apart in your hands and melts in your mouth. The Pitmaster offers a beef patty topped with a heavenly layer of shredded brisket that is smoked to absolute perfection. This is a burger experience that you’ll be telling your friends about for years to come!

Price: 11 JD

Ever heard of the legendary A5 Japanese Wagyu? This meat is built different. With a smooth velvety texture and a delicate but rich flavor that will linger on your tongue. The Wagyu burger served at Cuts is a unique culinary experience that we can confidently recommend to any meat lover.

Price: 4 – 7 JD

Get tipsy on amazing flavors– nothing else –at Tipsy Cow! The kickass staff of Sanabel, Norma and Dalia will take care of you, which, trust us, you will need to be taken care of after you bite into the amazing selection of the juiciest beef, steak, and bacon burgers topped with the crispiest fries, which in turn are topped with shredded bacon and the sauciest sauces in TipsyTown!

Price: 5 – 9 JD

For a deliciously juicy burger that will send you into a food coma and keep you there. This isn’t a one-night stand, this is a full-blown relationship hallmarked by homemade sauces, the highest quality meats, and freshly cut fries. You don’t simply dabble in Fatty Dabs, you leap and dive.

Price: 10 JD

Sweet dreams are made of cheese… and stacks upon stacks of mouth watering thinly sliced beef patties. You have your choice of Black (whole wheat bun) or Golden (chicken) stacks. Go to Black Stacks at the Abdali Boulevard for a smashingly good time!

Price: 9 JD

Cake by the ocean might be a ways away, but a beef cake from Brisket, on the other hand is near and here! A scrumptious assembly of Pastrami and Smoked brisket, beef bacon, and cheddar cheese. Enclosed in their crispy on the outside, soft on the inside signature patty! Foodaholics; beware, it’s highly addictive!

Price: 8 JD

Gather the hens for a clucking time at Mother Cluker! Chicken burgers are so good, more people should be into them, so c’mon let’s start a cult, a chicken burger cult! We bathe in the fries of our enemies. Coleslaw is love. Coleslaw is life.

Price: 3.95 JD

Forget about expensive plane tickets, travel the world with an international menu of exotic and exciting burger surprises curated by Burger Makers! Bring your friends along for a taste of Turkey with the Turkish beef burger, or fly off to Spain with the Spanish burger! 

Price: 3 – 6.75 JD

Solve the age-old question of “What should we eat today?” and order the Slider Triplets! Burger Joint ensures that every last ingredient used in their burgers is perfect: their onions are always crispy and their potato buns are always fluffy!

Price: 4.60 – 6.75 JD

She’s cute, she’s fast and she’s Very Good! Now amplified with deliciously cheesy goodness, and even lettuce! True to its name, Very Good Burger is Very Very Good, and one of their burgers will only cost you 2 JDs!

Price: 2 JD

There’s a new chick in town and she’s da bomb! An explosive arsenal of burgers that will leave an impact. The BoomBoom chicken Sando and the Beast Beef burger at Burger Bombs will absolutely annihilate your taste buds, and the Bombination beef and chicken bites are bomabastic! 

Price: 3.25 – 7.50 JD

Let’s MLT your heart and any assumptions that you’re gonna stick to that diet with greasy, messy burgers that will raise your cholesterol and your happiness. We won’t tell the doctor if you don’t!

Price: 3.95 – 4.95 JD

This is a popular one! Highly recommended by our Tipster community; Bas Burger. It’s not بس a burger, it’s a condensed bout of happiness! So bring the whole family along and go for the full option, which includes two beef patties and extra cheese!

Price: 4.50 JD

Love Deadpool? Wanna look like Ryan Reynolds? Get Mickey’s! The Beef Mickey, to be exact, because it’s not really a movie night unless Mickey’s on TV. Oops we mean Table… unless Mickey is on the table.

Price: 4.50 JD

You’re the only bun for us Tipsters! Invention meats tastiness in the incredibly unique Doughnut Burger! Yes, that’s right Bun Meats Dough really went with that bun, and not only that, but their signature Ultra-Smashed-Freshly-Made-Potato-Bun-Burgers (a yummy mouthful) are like, the new thing, you gotta go try them! 

Price: 4.30 JD

They say two brains are better than one, but how about SIX seasoned chefs putting their hard-earned culinary expertise together? That’s the story behind the novel Cube Burger joint concept. Your new Insta-worthy destination! Serving a variety of handcrafted burgers, combining the highest quality Angus beef with the freshest ingredients and sauces made from scratch. Go for the IG story, stay for the amazing taste!

Price: 4.85 – 5.85 JD

Long live the juicy burger, Tipsters.

Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team