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The Weekender – 🛎️ Order Up: 20 Of Your Favorite Foodie Influencer’s Orders

Perfection doesn’t exi…🍔🌮🍣🍕 –  we beg to differ because good food is as close to perfection as it gets. So gather your foodie friends and buckle up for a journey with some of your favorite influencers with their go-to spot meals in Amman. Featuring some hacks to keep it spicy. 🌶️ Order Up! 🛎️

Spaghetti Ai Frutti Di Mare swapped with Rose Sauce


Hunting down the best of the best in A-Town and providing her honest reviews is the name of the game for Mira. One of her favorite go-to meals which roughly translates to fruit of the sea, is a medley of seafood in which she swaps out the tomato base for a creamy rose sauce.

Shrimp Rose Penne


Now living in London, this foodie and super mama started her humble roots right here in A-Town and one of her favorite go-to spots happens to live at Triple 7 Food Park. The cute and casual eatery with multiple eateries includes one of her favorites, Pasta Corner. Fall in love with this pink dish. 

Tip: Don’t forget to grab the fresh parmesan to sprinkle on top.

Spaghetti Pomodoro


When it comes to dining, this Yogi and Lifestyle Influencer just can’t get enough of one of Little Italy’s classic dishes. Packed with the flavor of fresh tomatoes, olive oil, basil, and garlic, this will soon become one of your favorite dishes too – if it isn’t already! 😉

Diavola Pizza


From creating tasty treats in the kitchen to exploring dining options by hitting the streets, Chef Sally knows where all the good bites are to eat. Her ultimate go-to, Oliva’s Diavola Pizza, which pairs mozzarella, tomato sauce, and pepperoni. 

Tip: Chef Sally says for the ultimate taste, don’t forget to drizzle their chili infused olive oil.

Pizza Messicana


The Arabic based content creator is sure to make you crave everything with her visually delicious videos. Her favorite go-to is a fusion of Mexican + Italian which is a fiesta in your mouth, topped with beans, beef, hot pepper, parsley, and oregano. Delicioso!

Salmon Avocado on Pretzel Bun


While the hungry foodie’s favorite meals are the ones that are homemade, when she chooses to dine out, she can’t get enough of Angelina’s Oven comforting and curated meals. One of her favorite go-to orders is from their brunch menu that is the perfect pairing of savory tastes, consisting of warm bread, smoked salmon and the nuttiness of avocado. Brunch is served!

Peaches and Cream French Toast


When it comes to places to eat, this hidden gem is high on their list to start the day! According to The Foodies, this cozy store tucked in the heart of Amman showcases the freshness of local Jordanian produce and fuses fresh tastes for the ultimate breakfast treat!

Crab and Salmon Salad


This certified clinical dietitian is sure to make you step up to the plate with her healthy recommendations and knowledge on food. So when she chooses to eat out, you can be sure that she chooses only the best of the best with the Crab and Salmon Salad from Paul. With fresh veggies and healthy fats with the salmon and crab, you’ll be happy that you loaded up on your dose of Omega 3’s.

Harira Soup, Thai Green Curry Main Dish, and Green Passion for the drink


One of the new restaurants making its way into A-Town is truly a delight this year with their signature dishes, beverages and specialty coffee. Take in the spicy soup, then freshen up with the green curry, and refresh with a fusion of green tea, and passion fruit.

Sushi Crush – Abdoun 


“Say cheese.” This foodie engineer to be, and lifestyle zero waste queen knows a thing or two about sharing good meals with good friends. Which is why her sushi order is meant to be shared with a group of friends around the dining table. So good, you’ll be full until the next day!

Are you ready for the order? Take notes!

Appetizers: Salty Edamame, Dynamite Shrimps, Cheesy Crab, Tempura Crab Salad 

Chinese: Chicken Noodles Chicken Cashew Mongolian Beef Fried Rice Szechuan Shrimps 

Sushi: Blue Lagoon Roll Mango Tango Roll Shrimp Emperor Rock&Roll Volcano Roll California Roll Black Mamba Roll VIP Roll Yellow Kimono Roll 

Dessert: Fried Bananas with Vanilla IceCream 

Drink: Mango Basil

The Sandwich Meal (Spicy)


Where the chicken lovers at? It’s no doubt that Popeyes is one of the most popular places in the Kingdom. With its medley of sauces, spices, breaded chicken, and biscuits, we are getting hungry even writing this post. This guilty pleasure, however, takes on a new meaning with this hack from the Dining Queen herself, Dina. 

Tip: Order the The Sandwich Meal (Spicy), hold the cheese and order a side of coleslaw. Why an extra side of coleslaw? For each bite, add a spoon of coleslaw on your sandwich.

Wings, BOB, Jiggly Fat Boy, and a side of BBQ Red Beans


For the food monster with an even more monstrous appetite, Mahmoud says you cannot beat the meat at Brisket. Serving BBQ galore, you’ll most certainly want to join on his foodie adventures or else you might just get some crave-worthy FOMO.

Tip: Mahmoud says the best way to eat some of their brisket…with a side of Peanut Butter. You heard that right! The combination of salty, nutty, and sweet is to die for.

Double Cheeseburger


Maybe we should change his handle to, Faris_Keep_Eating, because with his impeccable taste in all things food, Faris knows its all about how it tastes in the first bite. With a double juicy meat patty and oozing cheese, this classic burger is sure to make your list as one of the top 10 places for burgers in Amman.

Spicy Cheese, Beetroot Falafel, Green Labaneh, Dibs, Tahini Manouche, and lots of coffee


Say hello to food + travel with Dolly. This digital creator is sure to tickle your travel bug and give you some crave worthy bites along the way. So explore your tastes with one her favorite places serving a twist on classic levantine food. And for Dolly, this is place is dear to her heart because it was one of the first restaurants she dined in with her now husband.

Tip: Go with your date ;).

Chicken Shawerma


A true Nashmi is on a never-ending journey to find the best shawerma and this Jordanian foodie may have just found one of the best spots. With some of the freshest chicken in A-Town served with a variety of sauces, you’ll be wanting to order more than just a single meal.

Kofte Be Teheeneh


From Amman to Toronto, Suhaib loves experimenting with classical Levantine dishes by adding his chef’s mark, and his presentation deserves a Michelin star. But when it comes to a Michelin start recommendation in Amman, you’ll find the most unlikely of places in Downtown Amman with a Kofte bel Tahenieh that he thinks deserves the mark.

Falafel Sandwich


Find the hummus to your falafel at one of the spots that does it the best and for Dana, try her special way to order your sandwich for an even better taste. When your online bestie isn’t sharing the best tunes

Tip: Order the falafel sandwich with hummus, mint, lemon, and lots of tahini and shata.

Hummus, Falafel, and Manakish


Ditch breakfast and head to this trendy rooftop with one of the best views in town. Enjoy the Instagrammable breakfast dishes and fresh bread, served to you warm and straight out of the oven.

Tip: Order dessert at the end of your meal. Trust us, the cookie pan with icecream is yum!

Beef Shawerma


Okay, what is a recommendation for chicken shawarma without its counterpart, beef? Take a taste on Levantine food served with a unique Armenian experience and don’t forget to dip your sandwich in lots of tahini!

Stay Hungry, Tipsters!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team 

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