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The Weekender – šŸ’Ž 10 Places That Shined in 2023

As a tumultuous year of ups and downs draws to a close we’ve rounded up a list of the 10 places that shined in 2023 and carried us through till the very end. From mouthwatering feasts to energizing caffeine fixes, and the incredible community connections we made along the way, let’s hop on the nostalgia train and take a whirlwind tour of the radiant spots that made 2023 shine bright like a shooting star.

Qahwa BLK

Why They Shined: While others have been caught on the wrong end of the conflict, Qahwa BLK has been actively supporting the Palestinian cause on social media, and they further showcased their solidarity after October 7th by changing their cups to display the Palestinian flag. With more and more locations opening up nationwide, it’s no secret BLK is the national go-to for curbside coffee.


Why They Shined: Mountain Breeze Resort re-emerged into the spotlight in 2023 with their exceptional music events, mostly hosted on the weekends, adding an “extra set” of reasons for why you should head up to Jalaad. For those unfamiliar, this local gem offers up log cabins accompanied with an active array of options to choose from, ranging from archery to paintball to swimming and so much more.


Why They Shined: Eatjoy is the surprise that no one knew they needed. Their delectable array of sourdough sandwiches are a welcome substitute to some of the big name brands that have dominated the sourdough scene in Jordan. If you’re big on rooting for the underdog and love a healthy sandwich, Eatjoy is for you.


Why They Shined: The quintessential Monday night spot for 2023, Alibi shined this last year with their lively atmosphere, top shelf cocktails, and varied menu suited to all tastebuds. Topping that off with a happy hour from 4-7 p.m., it’s no wonder people left there so late!


Why They Shined: On Friday’s people head up to District’s rooftop to soak up stunning views and mouthwatering dishes like Katsu Prime and Linguine Rose. District has been going strong for a few years now but the Shalhoub brothers always find a way of re-inventing the place to keep the regulars coming and the bubbly flowing.


Why They Shined: Even though Fyxx has been around for a couple years already, 2023 really set Fyxx apart from the crowd by being known as one of the hottest date night spots that doesn’t leave you too encumbered to the person you arrived there with. Dim lighting and an amazing selection of drinks to boot, leave very little to be desired at this urban retreat located in Swefieh Village.


Why They Shined: Wagyu beef burgers, open till the wee hours of the morning, and local? It’s no surprise Nightshift made into the list of places that shined in 2023. Their Bacon Jam burger, will thrill your taste buds and their Peanut Butter shake is a masterpiece.


Why They Shined: Has there been a dinner party where guests didn’t arrive with a box of Saisons? The star of every home gathering, their fluffy pastries satisfy in ways that you’ll unavoidably say “Olala”. Their Caramel Brioche Feuilletee is simply to die for.

Dara dining

Why They Shined: These guys took the 13C concept, threw out the corkage fees and dropped in a Michelin Star Chef situated in a lush and picturesque Jabal Amman abode to concoct the perfect recipe in 2023. Not only did Dara Dining shine in 2023, it brought to Amman many facets the culinary scene had been missing.


Why They Shined: It’s the parents that drop their kids off at the play area next door that really set this virtual golf haven situated in Swefieh Village apart from other day drinking favorites. A conveniently situated location, with a conveniently situated bar, and some time to kill sound like the perfect recipe for success in 2023 and possibly more success in 2024.

Shine on you Crazy Diamond!

Lemur Love,

The Tip nā€™ Tag Team