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The Weekender – 🎁 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Deck the halls, Our Online Christmas Bazaar 2023 lets you sleigh your gift game from the cozy confines of your crib. Discover presents that’ll wow every single person on your shopping list, ’cause we know picking the perfect pressie ain’t always easy. So listen up, all you savvy shoppers! We’ve got your back with a list of mad inventive Christmas gift ideas to make this holiday season authentically festive!

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Plait Bakery

Welcome to Plait Bakery, where you’ll find irresistible organic beetroot Hefezopf, Orange Hefezopf, and lemon poppyseed. Prepare to be obsessed with their artisanal loaves baked with love and a whole lot of flair. Take a bite and you’ll be hooked for life!

Lulu's Cake

Indulge in all things delicious at Lulu Cakes & Bakes By Alia, the ultimate home-based bakery! Whether you’re craving healthy treats or festive Christmas cakes and gift baskets, they’ve got you covered with incredibly designed goodies that scream holiday cheer!

Home accessories

Get lit this holiday season with Tula Candles! Their scented candles and whimsical decorations are the perfect way to spread the festive cheer. From Gingerbread Dude to Sleeping Santa, they’ve got all the fun vibes covered.

xena kalouti

Decorate your home with Xena Kalouti‘s elegant touch. It’s a freakin’ treasure trove for those craving the extraordinary. Prepare to discover epic finds and exclusive goodies that will totally bewitch your soul.


Noor’s Candles has got you covered when it comes to top-notch, hand-poured candles. Get ready to level up your space with a fierce selection of Sweet Mix Berry Tart, Chocolate Tart, and Peppermint Mocha mug candles. Trust us, it’s the ultimate treat, hun!


Elevate your space with Authentic Pieces expertly-crafted home accessories, featuring captivating woodwork and stunning inlays of bone and mother of pearl. Get ready to stun with your decor style.

eternity candles

Eternity Candles sets the ultimate enchantment stage with their spellbinding concrete wick candles, adorned with dazzling crystals and silver leaf accents. Dive into a realm where every candle is a unique creation.


Slay in style with Samz Marble’s unbreakable marble products and rule your space like a queen. Amplify your dΓ©cor game with their bold creations, because honey, you deserve nothing but the best.

qamar wa shams

Qamar Wa Shams is here to stun you with their seriously dope collection of blissful goodies. Picture this: serene candles, aromatic essential oils, and mind-blowing incense crafted to take your daily grind from meh to fabulous.

yours by lina

Yours by Lina is all about the glam, offering custom silk pillowcases that are not only fabulous but also great for your hair. Made from luxurious silk, these pillowcases minimize friction and help prevent breakage, keeping your locks luscious and maintaining that flawless style.

norba group

Norba Group is all about hooking you up with their killer scented diffusers that scream “gift goals”! These bad boys are all about transforming any damn room into a cozy haven with their epic range of elegant diffusers.


Get ready to slay your crib decor game, with Deco Crush! They’ve got a bomb collection of trendy accessories, including wicked Christmas ornaments that’ll make your place the envy of the block.


Ola Medanat Jewelry

Get freaking pumped for Ola Medanat Jewelry! This brand flawlessly merges architectural finesse with mind-blowing bling. Each damn piece in her collection oozes meticulous craftsmanship and imaginative artistry, creating a foundation of pure beauty and precision.

Ecstatic Jewels

Get ready to be wowed by Ecstatic Jewels‘ 18K gold and diamond collection. These pieces scream luxury and style, crafted with stunning artistry that’ll make you feel like an absolute queen.


city n sea

Upgrade your style with City N Sea’s handmade handbags. Customize your own crochet bag to rock the boldest, sassiest look. Get ready to slay and unleash your inner fashionista with confidence and attitude!

madina concept store

Get your art and style game on point at Madina Concept Store. Explore a unique collection of artwork, stunning kaftans and jackets, captivating silk scarves, and stylish tote bags adorned with local art.


Ready to slay at Kanz Design, where fashion meets Jordanian heritage? Get your glam on with Maha Khader’s collection that screams Jordanian culture. It’s contemporary elegance with a fun twist! Let’s rock it!

basma collection

Get ready to slay with Basma Collection’s eco-chic bags featuring a killer woven handle. Handcrafted using ancient techniques and sustainable materials, these bags are all about style and saving the planet.

Biba Boutique is all about bringing together a selection of styles, catering to every taste out there. Say goodbye to fashion faux pas, babes. Biba Boutique has got your back and is here to keep you stylin’ and smilin’ all day, every day!


blooming books by zeena

Dive into the thrilling world of Blooming Books by Zeena and unleash your fierce imagination. These books are specially designed for kids, guaranteeing non-stop fun and excitement while soaking up fresh knowledge.

Happy Gifting Tipsters!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team