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The Weekender – 🍝 Top 10 Italian Restaurants

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There’s only two sure ways to cut carbs at an Italian restaurant, either with your teeth or a fork and knife. Everyone knows that carbs are an essential part of life, and quite honestly without them, happiness may not even exist. So fall in love with your plate, and get ready to sprinkle on the Parmigiano Reggiano for La Dolce Vita of the Top 10 Italian Restaurants in Amman. 

New to Amman

Brand new to A-Town, indulge in authentic Italian tastes that will surely transport you back to the motherland! With its cozy interior, beautifully presented dishes, and open kitchen concept, save a lot of room to feast!

Tip: Order their Spinaci Pizza that comes with their homemade pesto base, Lasagna (that actually comes with the pan it’s cooked in when delivered, so it stays hot), and Insalata Di Neo.

Their outdoor dining area screams “Date Night” so don’t miss out on taking your crush, love, or yourself for a romantic night out you won’t forget!

Tip: Don’t take it from us what to order, check-out @Ammunchies go-to, Spaghetti Ai Frutti Di Mare swapped with Rose Sauce. Yum!

Famous for their Napoletana Crust, you won’t want to miss out on dough that is airy and light. Plus, with their casual dining concept, feel free to wear comfy sweatpants with lots of give!

Tip: Grab the Caprese salad, a cheesy delight with a fresh bite.

A dining experience for the fancy pants in you. Get dressed up, grab an espresso martini, and  say “cheers” to a variety of Italian cuisine made to order right in front of your eyes with their open kitchen concept.

Tip: Try the Carpaccio of Angus Beef on their Antipasti Freddi menu and green asparagus risotto.

Where atmosphere, vibes, and food meet to create one of the best experiences possible. With the cascading fairy lights in the evening, tall glass windows and delectable plates, this is just one of those places you will continue to visit time and time again.

Tip: If you don’t know what pastas to order, grab their famous Tris Di Pasta which includes three pastas on a plate for you to try.

Dine under the stars to one of the most picturesque restaurant interiors. The glass ceilings and glass walls, looks like it was taken out of the movie, Beauty and the Beast.

Tip: For drinks, definitely take the classic Aperol Spritz and pair it with Linguine Alle Vongole (linguine with clams).

A little slice of Italy has landed here in Amman, and into our hearts stomachs. Where authentic taste meets classical dishes.

Tip: Let us do the ordering for you: focaccia bread (to die for), Burrata, Carpaccio Di Wagyu Tonnato, and @NataliesDaily favorite classic Italian pasta dish.


Where farm to table meets. Known for well curated menus and adding in seasonal items, this is just one of the places to fall in love with an ever changing menu of new eats.

Tip: Book ahead of time as tables fill up quickly!

New to Amman and still hidden from the visible eye, take on your appetite with some beautifully plated dishes and enjoy its cozy atmosphere.

Tip: They say good things come in gold, so don’t miss out on some of their gold leafed touches. For appetizers, take on the Bruschetta, which comes with 4 different flavors,  and for sweets, take on the Pannacotta.

We can’t mention Italian without mentioning this infamous spot. With its two new locations, airy dough, and seasonal salads, who can resist?

Tip: Try their seasonal salads, no really, whatever season it is, just take it! And many people don’t know this, but they have some of the tastiest Tiramisu in A-Town!

Buon Appetito, Tipsters!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team