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The List – 📱 Best Apps in Jordan

In a world where the little boxes in our pockets can find us dates, call us cabs, and deliver our groceries, we at Tip n’ Tag have compiled a list of Apps in Jordan that’ll help you make the most of your daily lives.

The Cakery serves the perfect blend of sweet and savory: Delicate Cakes Vs. Bite Size Savories like Xtreme Chocolate and Kubbeh Tart! Always be prepared for big gatherings with the special Tawasi feature which allows you to order in advance, only available on the app!

Eat Big and get rewarded for it! Not only will ordering from The Big Slice app get you a slice of pizza nearly twice the size of your face, but it will also get you loyalty reward points. Get free delivery for every 300 points, 5 JD off for every 500 points, and 10 JD off for every 1000 points!

Kababji offers a list of mouth-watering all-inclusive combos and a convenient employee meal. The app delivers to over 100 locations in Jordan. The chances of you being out of bounds are incredibly slim!

Do you find yourself randomly craving meatballs and mashed potatoes? It could be a symptom of your inner Norse God wanting some SkandiNavy’s! Awaken the dormant Thor in you with a delicious meal of Meat and Mash and a Triple Super Burger (yes, triple as in three patties). On the Skandynavy’s app, there isn’t just a delivery option and a pick-up option. There’s a drop-off option! It allows you to pick up your food without having to get out of your car!

15 Restaurants in one order. Need we say more?
Chinese and Italian, Mashawi and Mac n’ Cheese, and so much more on the same bill! No need to spend hours deciding and repressing your inner mukbanger. With the RoboKtchn App, you can let it go and go all the way at the same time! Stay home, and stay fed!

The Sicilian pizza at Ned’s solves a problem that you never realized existed! Just like potato chip bags can be 20% full of air, pizza boxes can be too don’t get conned out of the corners. Get yourself a square pizza for that square pizza box!

For all the muscle pigs out there, if you want a post-workout meal that your muscles will thank you for, you can have Sushi Den’s High Protein Platter delivered straight to the gym! As for everyone else, Sushi Den is also great for stuffing yourself while you lay on your couch!

Craving something Asian, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is? Scroll through the Chopsticks & Taj Mahal App and you’ll find a hundred scratches for that itch!

Apps in Jordan are not limited to restaurants and catering services! Clean freaks, you no longer have to leave the house to buy quality hygienic products. Browse a full suite of masks, sanitizers, hygienic paper towels, cleaning products, personal care, and more on the Ivy Shop App!

There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm Pizza on your lap. Mix and match your favorites from one of Amman’s longest-serving pizza joints: Luigi’s Pizza! Don’t forget to order their pasta!

Order Up & Enjoy Tipsters!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team