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The Ramadan Guide – 🌙 Top Iftar Spots

When it comes to Iftar spots, there’s no room for disappointment, it’s gotta hit the spot because a whole day of fasting is riding on that bowl of soup, and everything that comes after. You need to go home so stuffed that you’re blissfully unconcerned about ever getting hungry again. So feast your eyes on our list of The Top Iftar Spots, and go!

Cuisine Type: International

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with the Festive Feast from Jubran at just 28++JD. With over 100 dishes bursting with local goodness, this buffet is a feast fit for a foodie king or queen! From sizzling live cooking stations that’ll make you drool to dishes whipped up right before your eyes, the excitement never ends. And don’t even think about skipping out on desserts—because no feast is complete without a sweet finale!

wtf - iftar spots

Cuisine Type: International

Picture your friends torn between Mexican vibes, juicy burgers, the comforting embrace of Italian classics, the nostalgic charm of hotdogs, and the irresistible allure of shawarma. Welcome to “What’s The Food” – your ultimate destination where every craving finds its perfect match. Here, everyone leaves happy and satisfied, no matter what their taste buds are craving.

em sherif - iftar spots

Cuisine Type: Lebanese

Experience the Iftar magic at Em Sherif Cafe with our set menu priced at just 35 JD++! Delight in a delectable spread of appetizers, main dishes, daily specials, and desserts, featuring the heavenly Tamriyeh. Plus, the friendly staff is there to ensure that your dining experience is nothing short of extraordinary, adding a touch of warmth and hospitality to every bite.

su casa - iftar spots

Cuisine Type: Mediterranean

Indulge in Su Casa‘s delightful 5-course Iftar set menu, only 22 JDs++! As a Mediterranean gem, they offer a range of unique dishes that whisk you away to the shores of the Mediterranean. Beyond the delicious food, soak up the vibrant ambiance of their restaurant, where every corner exudes charm and warmth.

L’Olivier Restaurant - iftar spots

Cuisine Type: International

Welcome to L’Olivier Restaurant, a restaurant located at Radisson Blu Hotel! For just 25 JD++, embark on a culinary escapade where Arabic and international tastes mingle in delightful harmony. From the bold spices of Arabic cuisine to the exotic flavors of dishes from around the world, every bite is a journey worth savoring. Don’t miss out on this vibrant feast for your senses!

blue fig - iftar spots

Cuisine Type: International

It’s a steal! Blue Fig’s exciting Iftar set menu is at just 20 JD++!  Explore a delicious array of Ramadan dishes from Musakhan Rolls to fresh salads, mouthwatering main courses, and Qatayef. And to sweeten the deal even more, you can order all the special Ramadan items through biteME for free delivery straight to you! So why wait?

ray’s fried chicken - iftar spots

Cuisine Type: American

Craving something that’s spicy, fatty, and oh-so-crispy? Look no further than Ray’s Fried Chickens’ legendary Nashville Hot Chicken! It’s the kind of crispy goodness that will make your taste buds sing with joy and your stomach do a happy dance.

Cuisine Type: Arabic

Flo invites you to indulge in the special Iftar Buffet every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for just 28 JD++. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere with live entertainment featuring an oriental band. And that’s not all! During the last week of Ramadan, the restaurant will be open every day for your dining pleasure. Witness the magic as bread is baked right in front of you, adding an extra touch of warmth to your dining experience

Kababji - iftar spots

Cuisine Type: Arabic

Dive into deliciousness at Kababji‘s buffet for just 25 JD per person! Not a fan of buffets? No worries! Choose between two mouthwatering set menus, or go for the ultimate convenience by ordering through biteME and enjoy free delivery right to your doorstep. Whether you’re in the mood for juicy kebabs, flavorful mezzes, or delectable desserts, Kababji has something to satisfy every craving.

Mountain Breeze - iftar spots

Cuisine Type: Arabic & International

Imagine yourself sitting on the terraces, soaking in the wonderful views of the mountains while enjoying the cool breeze at Mountain Breeze. The dishes are crafted using organic ingredients, surrounded by the lush forestry that was in large part grown by the resort and its visitors. Dive into mouth watering Freekeh Risotto, a dish that’s simply to die for. And be sure to save room for the heavenly Halawet al Jiben to cap off your delicious meal, all for just 22 JD++!

Sushi Crush - iftar spots

Cuisine Type: Asian

At Sushi Crush, they’ve got you covered with dine-in offers and delivery deals that satisfy your cravings! Indulge in not just sushi, but also Chinese delights, all under one roof. Whether you’re dining in or choosing delivery, there’s something to satisfy every appetite. So why settle for one cuisine when you can have the best of both worlds?

the big slice - iftar spots

Cuisine Type: American

Imagine sinking your teeth (after a long day of fasting) into an extra-large Pepperoni Extreme, oozing with cheesy, meaty goodness. But wait, it gets even better—picture dipping each slice into a hot honey sauce, adding a sweet and spicy kick that will leave you craving more. And for the grand finale, indulge in the irresistible Nutella Calzone, a perfect sweet treat to end your meal on a high note. Plus, enjoy the added perks of free delivery from biteME.

Eater's - Burger Joint - iftar spots

Cuisine Type: American

Break away from your usual Iftar routine and indulge in Eater’s delectable selection of burgers, wings, salads, and appetizers. From crispy Onion Rings to flavorful Stuffed Jalapeños, there’s something to satisfy every craving! Enjoy the added convenience of doorstep delight with the complimentary delivery service!

Fast hard and feast even harder Tipsters!

Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team