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Lady Lemur – ♒ The February Zodiac Planner

There’s a reason for each and every season! What will Your Zodiac reveal during the Water Bearer’s reign? You asked, and here’s the answer. Discover what the cosmos have to offer in terms of guidance this Aquarius season with an out-of-the-box activity for each zodiac sign to partake in!

Aquarius season 2022 will be opening up your senses to new possibilities, Aries. Meaning it’s time to upgrade your situation and level up in all aspects of your life, including doing away with that random pair of jeans from 2005.

Get Physical: Aries, you endorphin junkie you, we know you can never slow down. We also know your boundless energy can get you in…ahem, trouble. So from one Diva to another “Just dance, it’s gonna be ok.” Try some dance classes at Arthur Murray Dance School; Ballroom, Latin, or DANSALONE. Challenge yourself, acquire a new skill, and have so much fancy fantastic fun with it.

Aquarius season is reinvigorating your drive and ambition. This is a time to work on the big picture and make your plan of attack–aka world domination–so say yes to vision boards, outlines, timelines, and drafts.

Indulge Your Senses: Taurus, no need to pretend, we know you’re the foodie of the zodiac. So indulge a little, or a lot. If pizza is your thing–we know it is–then Ned’s Pizza is your answer and Godsend. Sicilian, Ricotta, Creamy pepper and beef, their pizza will melt your heart.

The world is your oyster Gemini, like literally. So don’t be surprised if you start developing some footloose disorder symptoms. If splurging on an overseas trip is available to you, Godspeed. If not, try exploring some unknown parts of your area, or better yet experiment with new activities.

Explore the Unknown: Gemini, besides those Columbus tendencies, you are highly curious, active, and versatile. And you like having fun. Needless to say, this was a tough one for us, but we got ya, and it’s awesome. Thrift shopping at Second Base. You’ll get it once you start finding not only stuff you were looking for, but all those pieces you never knew you needed. The combo of hunt and discovery is a novel experience few people get to have in our usually tacky day-to-day existence.

Aquarius season increases your passion for basically everything, sorry about that Cancer. You want romance, you want drama and you want to comfort every person on the planet. But this is what we think you need above all else.

Focus on YOU: Cancer, get yourself an aura reading (Jordan GMCKS Pranic Healing Center is the right kinda place). Knowing the color of your aura, including if/when it’s changed, is major for you, not only does it help you understand who you truly are, but it also gives you–and about time–permission to be that awesome person that you are.

Aquarius season is igniting your need to connect. Everywhere you go, you’re going to be forming dynamic duos, whether that be by tag-teaming an awesome project at work or by taking on a duet at karaoke night. Or; better yet, take up painting classes!

Get Creative: Leo, you are a born star who needs to shine. Now to care for your truest self, tap into your creative side, and then share it with the world. We recommend Aura Art Space. Painting will not only unravel your creativity but also enhance your brain functions.

Great news, Virgo! Aquarius season is bringing you the energy you need to hit all your goals, especially those fitness goals you’ve been delaying for forever. So cheer up–please–a glorious season is ahead of you.

Cook Up a Storm: Virgo, you are analytical, and have this extraterritorial need for complete perfection, ok you are attractive but that’s not the point. We want you, Virgo, yes you, to take some cooking classes at The Art Studio so that you can exhaust all your finickiness and perfectionism, yet eat, drink and be merry, but mostly share the happiness with people you love and care about.

Aquarius season is boosting the hell out of your confidence this month Libra. The magnetic energy of your zodiac sign will draw people to you, meaning you’ll have more luck meeting potential suitors, and we all know you dig that.

Grow Wings: Libra, you are chill, playful, friendly, and you see the good in everyone. But there’s one thing you love among all else; FREEDOM. You are an air sign baby, this is why we recommend you take the world of Aerial Yoga by storm. Check Namaste Zone for their brilliant classes. Not only does Aerial Yoga increase your flexibility and strength, but the hammock– and that, you will absolutely love–allows you to go deeper into poses, further enhancing full-body flexibility.

Draw the blinds, put the kettle on, and close your damn phone, Scorpio, because Aquarius season has you hibernating all month. This is your “off-time” to not only recharge but also release all that built-up emotion via meditation, journaling, and…well you’ll have to read on.

Kick Out Those Bottled-Up Emotions: Scorpio, have you ever tried kickboxing? Join 9Round Gym for one of their high-energy classes. This type of intense cardio not only releases the hell out of those endorphins but will give your mind and soul a much-needed energy boost!

This Aquarius season, you’re in the mood to pursue novel experiences that will add substance to your life, even though it’s cold and Netflix has like 10 new true crime docs out right now. 

Let Your Intuition Guide You: Sagittarius, try that activity you’ve been dying to try…or maybe even the one you never thought you would! Like our recommended Self-defense class for women at Jadal for Knowledge and Culture. Being able to defend yourself will raise your self-esteem and open up a whole new horizon for you to experiment and explore.

It’s time to get grounded, Capricorn. This month, you’re learning how to release chaos and uncertainty and prioritize stability. The new moon will plant the seed of abundance helping you set powerful financial goals. So don’t forget to treat yourself to luxury and surround yourself with beauty!

Make Something Beautiful: Capricorn, try a Pottery class at My Pottery World. Learn to communicate through your art and create beautiful sculptural, and functional pieces with your own hands. We promise that a great sense of accomplishment will follow.

Welcome to your season, Aquarius! Every other zodiac sign is acting a bit more like you this month and thank the good Lord for it. For one glorious month, everyone is finally able to join you in seeing the big picture, meaning you won’t have to spend so much time explaining the obvious. Enjoy every last bit before it’s Pisces season and you’re back to explaining everything to everyone.

Give Your Bedroom a Face-Lift: We all want that instagram picture-perfect shine, and the easiest and definitely the most fun way to achieve that, would be to add that one-of-a-kind statement piece to your living room. That pièce de résistance is waiting for you at Atique Antique Shop! Apart from it being a treasure trove, it also has that good-good vintage vibe, combined with the thrill of the hunt and the exhilaration of finding the perfect bargain!

Bust out the beret, Pisces! Your already creative zodiac sign is getting an extra dose of inspiration this month thanks to Aquarius season, meaning you’re going to be your most artsy-fartsy self. So focus on things that feed your creative spirit.

Explore New Art: Pisces, visit Orient Gallery and get the inside scoop on the art-making process. It’s meditative, fun and will bring you a great sense of calm and wholeness.

Remember Ladies, having a plan is better than having a man!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team