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The Weekender – 20 Terraces and Rooftops

Summer in Amman is a treat, especially when you celebrate it in the right places. And where best to enjoy this weather than on the city’s many rooftops and terraces? For those of you looking for breathtaking views and chilled vibes, we’ve got what you’re looking for. We at Tip n’ Tag have compiled a list of 20 rooftops and terraces you and all other avid enthusiasts of Amman’s skyline would want to be at.


Situated in the heart of Abdali, Vivid is one of the more popular restaurants in Amman, and for good reason. Their rooftop, one of the most gorgeous terraces in Amman, opens at 6:30 p.m. everyday and overlooks the city skyline. Head up there, and enjoy the sunset with a shisha and a bite in hand.


There are two absolute truths in life: Mansaf should be eaten with cutlery, and beer is amazing. Why not head to Carakale for a fresh craft draft. The cherry on top? The microbrewery overlooks the refreshing valleys of Fuheis and is a perfect place to catch the sunset in Amman.

District Rooftop

In brunch there is an equilibrium: breakfast and lunch come together in a single meal complimented by a mimosa, or a bottle of straight up Vodka for the more experienced. District is a popular local brunch spot that never fails to deliver. Browse through their menu and grab a bite to make up for the excess drinking.

La Calle

If people watching is one of your favorite pastimes, you’re in luck, because La Calle’s terrace commands a delightful view of Rainbow Street. Grab a bite of Italian cuisine and treat yourself to an ice cold beer.


Jafra is a local cafe where you get a taste of history, good shisha, and great food. Its terrace has a view of one of the oldest and busiest streets in town. There, you can marvel at the heritage and bustle of Amman.

The Loft

The Loft offers the same delicious menu as the Living Room, but with a twist. You get to enjoy the same standards with a breathtaking view from their terrace. They open their doors at 5:30 p.m. everyday, just in time for you to catch the sun set over Amman’s landmarks.


Paloma is a rooftop bar that is often buzzing with people and events. Scan Amman’s skyline from this bar located in the quiet suburbs of the city and enjoy a glass of wine in one hand, and a delicious bite with the other.

Jungle Fever

Jungle Fever is a unique cafe in town, situated atop one of the most important art galleries in Amman. Grab an iced hibiscus tea and enjoy the view of King Abdullah I Mosque around sunset.

Copas Central

If you’re looking for a chill summer spot, you should check out Copas. The bar’s homely rustic atmosphere extends to their terrace during summertime. They serve great sangrias, which you can share with your friends to celebrate the good weather.


Veer doesn’t just serve great food and drinks, they also have a sleek terrace that surrounds the entire place, complete with a bar outside. Ask for their jumbo shrimps, taste their many drinks and kick back with a shisha afterwards.

Jasmine House

Jasmine House is a great spot to charm that special someone. Bring your own bottle of wine and try their ever-changing menu inspired by Italian cuisine. You can always treat yourself to some proper midnoon espresso on their terrace.


What’s a place without great decor? Iguana is a beautifully designed rooftop bar in the heart of Abdali, where you can enjoy the summer breeze with friends. They also serve some of the best cocktails in Amman to help ease you into the vibrant atmosphere.

Wild Jordan

Looking to scan the skyline of OG Amman? Head to Wild Jordan on the hills of Jabal Amman. Their terrace opens at 7:00 p.m. daily, and offers a 360° view of town that goes great with their delicious food and smoke-free atmosphere.


We like to keep it simple, and when it comes to simplicity, Ghoroub delivers. The lounge was designed solely for its patrons to enjoy the sunset. Take a chance on their cocktails and thank us later.


Cantaloupe is a bar and restaurant that has two rooftops. Pick one, and enjoy some of the best views the city has to offer. It also happen to serve great cocktails, so do yourself a favor and check out their menu while ogling the sunset.

Corner's Pub

Corner’s terrace is a place where you can enjoy a delicious Bloody Mary under the shade of trees. It’s also the first thing that greets you when you enter this local bar. Keep an eye out for their open mic nights and local events!


When it comes to providing a good atmosphere and beautiful decor, Palma’s terrace kicks it up to 11. This chic new spot also boasts a second floor terrace, where you can enjoy their eclectic dishes under the open sky.

Shams El Balad

Shams El Balad is unique in being one of the few strictly vegetarian restaurants in Amman. The building that houses it happens to be one of the oldest in town. Their terraces boast gorgeous panoramic views of Weibdeh, Downtown, and the Citadel.


Do you like dining with a view? Rhetorical questions aside, Jubran’s terrace ticks all the right boxes: they have extravagant decor, good food, and a great view around sundown as well.


What’s a list about Amman’s terraces without Books@? If you’re lucky enough to snag a coveted spot at their terrace, you’ll find a serene view of the layered concrete jungle that is Amman. So bring a book, and get to it with a glass of wine in hand.

You might need a pair of binoculars for this, Tipsters.

Lemur Love, 

The Tip n’ Tag Team