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The Cool Off Guide – Light Summer Bites

Another weekend of simmering under the sunlight and hugging your AC so tight, right? If this heat gets your energy and your appetite going alongside it, you’re not alone. That’s why the Tip n’ Tag Team has been scouting the town for some fresh and vibrant flavors to revive your dehydrated soul. Start scrolling and fight off drooling, we dare you. 

Introduce your taste buds to sensations beyond the realms of what you’re used to with this Asian inspired dish all folded into a layer of crispy lettuce.

These authentic Mexican street tacos are the perfect quick summer bite. They’re fresh, zesty, and light on the tummy.

Rice Paper Rolls aka summer rolls are probably the lightest bite you’ll ever experience (at least from this list). The satisfying crunch of the veggies will make this experience even more delightful. 

This scrumptious, plant protein-packed salad will take you back to spring with its fresh taste and crunchy texture.

This Armenian inspired spot has their recipes on point. If you’re looking for something to cool off with, indulge in their refreshing Baba Ghanouj topped with pomegranates.

Cubed tuna with crunchy mayo, tempura, and seaweed party. If you’re an adventurous seafood lover then this island delicacy is a must-try bite for you.

This salad packs various lush flavors from the savory to the sweet, from the sour to the spicy – it’ll be sure to entice your taste buds.

Treat your palate with exquisite Turkish flavors, a mix of eggplant, peppers, potato, yogurt that will melt in your mouth, and keep you cool for the rest of your day.

It’s always a delight with this colorful bowl of sweet and light summer fruits, inspired by the flavorful Mexican cuisine we all love. 

This one is all about bright colors, crunchy lettuce, and fruity dressing. The presentation of this dish is as fresh as its taste.

This perfectly grilled soft, squidgy, salty cheese with a sweet berries dip will get you hooked up on this place.

Refreshing, fulfilling, and healthy all in one bowl. Perfect for your lunch break at the office! 

May every bite you indulge in from this list be as fresh as the ocean breeze.

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team

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