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The Weekender – The Best Ramadan Iftars 2018

Ramadan has officially begun and a good Iftar is always on the menu. We know that at the beginning of the holy month many Iftars are likely to be spent in a home setting, shared with friends and family, but if you’re tired of eating at home or at your Khalto’s or Teta’s place, we’ve got just what you need. Tune into our handpicked Iftar list, get that foodie mind of yours in gear, and imagine all the goodness you’re going to devour. Yes, our mouths are already watering too!

Ramadan Iftar List - Buffet


From the Middle Eastern corner and Indian corner to the Italian corner and Seafood corner, ThreeSixty will literally have you moving 360 degrees. If that’s not enough to get you booking, then maybe their Knafeh live station is just what you need to dial up their number and reserve your table now!


Culture is better understood through a journey of food. At Sufra, ingredients are combined to recreate and retell stories of ancestors, tradition, and culture. Join this authentic Jordanian buffet and celebrate the beauty of Jordan through it’s delightful flavors.

W Hotel Amman

Located in the heart of Abdali, the W Hotel is presenting an exceptional Iftar. Stationed at the great ballroom, the food isn’t the only thing that will capture your heart. Besides the scrumptious International buffet, shisha, and a band playing the Nai and Oud, the entire experience will leave you in awe.


When it comes to Zuwwadeh, one cannot be at fault. From their open air terrace to their oriental vibe, it doesn’t get more original than this. From multiple soup dishes and around 23 hot and cold mezzas to their diverse main courses and delicious Arabic desserts, Zuwwadeh is where you’ve got to take the family this Ramadan.


If you like to Surf n’ Turf the Arabic way then you’ve found the perfect Iftar spot. Offering a wide variety of seafood alongside Arabic meaty dishes like Kharoof and Mashawi, Ocean will have you thinking about that Iftar for days.

Crowne Plaza Amman

Fancy a poolside Iftar? Then Crowne Plaza is your spot! With live cooking stations, a variety of mezzas, Arabic and Western dishes, and the most delicious of oriental desserts, all you gotta do is bring your loved ones along and savor a beautiful outdoor Iftar.


Highlighting the best of the region; from the mountains of Lebanon, to the neighborhoods of  Amman. Nur, takes the best recipes from around the region and molds it into an explosion of taste and aroma. Break your fast with the tang of Levantine region.

Sheraton Amman

Situated at Al-Rababah hall and terrace, to the sounds of Tarab coming from Al Salateen band, your Iftar at Sheraton Hotel is an experience on its own. Whether you favor Oriental cuisine or International cuisine this buffet will have you in a sweet spot between a world of flavors. 

Kan Zamaan

Nestled on the hilltop of an old Jordanian village and enclosed within the stone walls of an ancient settlement, Kan Zamaan, is a place from once upon time. Break your fast to the melody of the Oud, in a classic setting and a delicious modern day buffet.


Transforming their venue into a Taj Mahal inspired venue, Ward will be serving up a buffet of Asian, Oriental, and Arabic appetizers, main courses, and desserts. This Iftar will feel like a quick trip to India!

Rakwet Arab

Taking you back in time to the charm of the old Arabian days and nights with its traditional ambiance and stark character, Rakwet Arab truly is a time capsule. If you’re up for some time travel, head down to this gem and enjoy a buffet of appetizing traditional Arabic dishes.

Four Seasons

When extravagance is what you’re looking for, Four Season’s is the first that pops to mind. Relish in a delightful Iftar with a diverse International buffet and live background music played by a Turkish band.

If the carnivore in you has been feeling suppressed lately, boy oh boy do we have the perfect place to let that carnivore free. Indulge in a buffet of soups, salads, and appetizers alongside several cuts of beef and chicken which have been slowly roasted in a Brazilian style BBQ until unbelievably juicy and tender.

Skyline sushi

Are your sushi senses tingling? Skyline Sushi will be the sushi lovers’ favorite spot this Ramadan. Every week they will be hosting a different kind of Iftar just to satisfy your culinary senses! For this week, this sushi dreamland, will be hosting a tempting sushi buffet alongside an assortment of appetizers.

the Qyard

Bringing together all your favorite ATICO outlets, The Qyard is where all foodies want to go. Their buffet will include Italian cuisine, dishes from Renchai, Yoshi, and Fakhr El-Din combined with the tastiest of desserts and Ramadan drinks. Munch on all the deliciousness while you keep entertained by The Qyard’s exclusive puppet show.

Grand Hyatt Amman

Surrounded by what resembles Morroco’s souks with live music coming from the Oud and Qanoun, The Grand Hyatt this Ramadan will take you and all your senses on a journey. Serving up an International buffet in an old day souk setting, your Iftar will be one of many cultures.


If you’re looking for a place that’s a short drive away, then Zuwar is where you’ll want to go. Located in Naour and just 20 minutes from Amman, Zuwar is that quick Iftar adventure you’ve been waiting for. Relish in their delicious Arabic buffet.

Bourj Al Hamam

You’ve got a beautiful terrace, you’ve got sensational Tarab playing in the background, and you’ve got the tantalizing aroma of the delicious food filling the air, what more can you ask for? Dig in to Bourj Al Hamam‘s savory Lebanese buffet for Iftar and you’ll be ticking a lot of boxes, guaranteed.

Shakespeare and Co.

Shakespeare and Co is hosting a delicious Arabic and International buffet that’s suitable for meat, chicken, or veggie lovers. Apart from the flavorful goodness, they’re also known for their unique Victorian themed decor and relaxing ambiance, all of which will make it the perfect place to enjoy Iftar at.


With it’s killer views and its divine food, Jubran is a hot destination this Ramadan. Serving you a buffet with a wide assortment of Oriental and International salads, appetizers and entrees, their Iftar is on our list and should be on yours too.


With the beautiful paintings on their walls, their dark interior, and out-of-this-world food, Spago definitely takes you somewhere else. Serving you from a set menu, your Iftar at Spago will consist of soup of the day, green leaf salad, 3 kinds of pasta, a choice of meat, chicken or fish, and finally dessert. Buon Appetito. 

Karam Beirut

Hummus, Muttabal, Batata Hara, Kibbeh Niyyeh, Mashawi.. You see where this is going? Lebanese cuisine, is one of the best in the region. Luckily for all, Amman has a tiny Beirut in the shape of a restaurant, serving a scrumptious Iftar set menu. Karam Beirut will undoubtedly take you on a sensational trip to Lebanon.

Aishwaria Indian Cuisine

With so many traditional Middle Eastern Iftars around town, sometimes all you want is something out of the ordinary. If that’s the case, then Aishwaria is worth checking out. Break away from tradition with an Indian set menu fit for royalty. 

Fakhr El-Din

You’re no stranger to this one as Fakhr El-Din is known for its prominent Lebanese cuisine. Like every Ramadan this outlet does not disappoint. Their set menu will include a soup, hot and cold mezzas, a main course made up of mixed grills, 2 dishes of the day, and last but not least your favorite Arabic dessert, Knafeh.


Levant is what food critics call a lavish dining experience. Ramadan at Levant is no stranger to that. Offering you an Iftar set menu that will nourish your 5 senses consisting of salads, mezzas, and 3 main courses, including a Levantine Shawerma, you’ll surely leave with a soothed and satisfied stomach.

Villa Maza

Found in the streets of Weibdeh, Villa Maza, is another great restaurant touching on oriental cuisine. Their Iftar set menu focuses on local favorites and in specific Mansaf! Among other favorites on their set menu are Hummus, Mutabal, And Jarjeer Salad.

There’s only one right way to eat steak – with greed in your heart and a smile on your face. There’s no better place to enjoy juicy meat cuts than at Lucca’s. Head down to this steakhouse and savor the tangy flavors of their Iftar set menu.

If you’re tired of spending your Iftars in Amman, why not go on a countryside trip? Hike around the ruins of Jerash till your stomach rumbling gets too loud and then head to Um Khalil Lebanese Restaurant for a fulfilling meal. Their Iftar set menu consisting of soup, salad, mezzas, and entrees is exactly what you need to keep those rumbles at bay.

Palm Village Restaurant

Designed in a way to give you that authentic Oriental feel, the ambiance of the Palm Village Restaurant isn’t the only great thing about it. Their Iftar menu will surely have you salivating at thought of your lovely meal even days after. Serving you a set menu that includes soups, salads, grills, fukharat, seafood, and dessert, you’re bound to have a memorable Iftar.

Lale Sofrasi

Watched your favorite Turkish show and now craving an exquisite Turkish Iftar? Lale Sofrasi is more than eligible to cater to those cravings. From appetizers and salads to Kabab rolls and mixed grills, satiate your hunger to the sounds of Izmir Band, with an Iftar set menu fit for a Sultan.

Fast hard and feast even harder Tipsters!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team