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The Weekender – 10 Engaging Hikes You Never Knew Existed

Have you been hearing about how much Jordan’s nature has to offer, but never gathered up enough motivation to get off the couch? Does a day of only walking from one point to the next not seem that appealing to you? We feel you. If you’re not crazy about hiking but still love yourself a good adventure, this is sure to get you off your seat. Every adventure we’re serving up promises to engage and amaze you with thrilling activities, immersed in the beauty of Jordan’s surprisingly diverse nature. So, gather up your friends and get hiking!

Take a Hike Jordan - Hiking and Zip Lining

Zip lining is a growing trend in Jordan, but we guarantee there is no better way to do it than across the plateaus of Jordan’s beautiful valleys. If this aerial adventure is on your bucket list, look no further, book yourself a spot on one of Take a Hike – Jordan‘s trips for an adrenaline rush like never before.

Price: Starting from 29 JD

Adventure Plus - Hiking and Swimming

There is so much to love about hiking a wet trail with Adventure Plus. It’s refreshing in the heat, it’s packed with thrilling jumps and waterfall slides, and at the end of the trip when the adventurer within you is worn out, nothing can get you re-energized like taking a dip in the cool water of a natural canyon.

Price: Starting from 33 JD

Jordan Adventures - Hiking and Camping

Nothing will make you forget the fatigue after a hike like waking up to scenic views at the Rummana Campsite. Jordan Adventures‘ 2-day trips to the Dana Biosphere Reserve, home to spectacular landscapes and diverse wildlife, are all about losing yourself in nature.

Price: Starting from 68 JD

Zone Out - Hiking and Fishing

Looking to try something entirely new? Here’s your chance. Zone Out offer 2-day trips that include fishing among other fun activities like stargazing and lighting a bonfire. Even if you end up having a bad fishing day, it’ll still beat a day you spend within the confines of the city.

Price: Starting from 55 JD

Shams Community - Hiking and Dialogue

Shams Community aims to inspire people through dialogue. These guys don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. Alongside their dinners and table discussions, they also plan trips where you get to engage in interesting conversations about a chosen theme while hike your way through spectacular valleys and forests.

Price: Starting from 13 JD

Eco Hikers - Hiking and Cleaning

Eco Hikers initiative is aimed to protect Jordan’s beautiful nature, one Wadi at a time. On their eco-adventures, you’ll help leave each site you visit litter-free, all while enjoying great company and picturesque views.

Price: Starting from 15 JD

Experience Jordan - Hiking and Munching

If you’re the kind of person who needs constant motivation to finish a hike, Experience Jordan know just the way to give you that push. These hikes are always followed by a treat. You’ll get to meet and engage with the locals of each area through cooking classes and delicious traditional food.

Price: Starting from 35 JD

Treks - Hiking for a Cause

With their Steps for Life initiative, Treks will take you on hikes all around the kingdom. Each hike’s proceeds go to support heroes at the KHCF in their fight against cancer. What better way to make a positive impact?

Price: 40 JD

Tropical Desert - Hiking and Climbing

The best views come after the hardest climbs. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, join Tropical Desert for thrill filled hikes full of rock climbing, rappelling down sandstone gems, and amazing feelings of victory after conquering each cliff.

Price: Starting from 25 JD

Backpackers Jo - Hiking and Archery

This hike by Backpackers Jo is followed by a game of archery. After the exciting trek, the hikers are divided into teams and compete against each other, because who would say no to even more fun?

Price: Starting from 32 JD 

Remember to take the road less traveled Tipsters, for it makes all the difference.

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team