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The Weekender – Your Guide to Ramadan Nights

This holy month sure switches things up. The tranquil days turn into bustling nights when those who’ve been fasting all day come out to enjoy the great food and entertainment Amman has to offer during the holy month. If you’re out of things to do and places to go, the Tip n’ Tag Team is here to save the night.

Amman Rotana

Exchange your Dinars for Rotinars and head to Amman’s newest venue in Amman Rotana. Bringing back Arabic pop culture with a modern twist, Dikkan is a picturesque setting resembling ancient Arabia’s souks. The venue features different stalls immersed in music and art, overlooking the Boulevard.

Le Royal

Do you like your Iftar with a side of entertainment? Head to Le Royal Hotel for a delicious international buffet followed by an exciting comedy show, Mish Hate’dar Etghamid Eneik, features a group of humorous Arabic celebrities.

Oz Boutique Restaurant

Oz Boutique Restaurant has transformed into an exciting new venue this month, known as Oz Basha Ramadan Nights. From bingo nights and quiz nights to comedy shows and Tarab nights. Oz will have nothing but surprises for you this Ramadan.

Landmark Amman

Some of life’s simplest pleasures are food and laughter. Landmark Amman is combining both together with a buffet of amazing food and a hilarious show presented by the Beirut Comedy Club. So join Adel Karam, Adele Jamaleddin, Nady Abu Shabkeh, Roula Chamiyeh and Naim Halawi for a good laugh and a satisfying Iftar.

Almas Ramadan - Crowne Plaza

Almas Ramadan, a tent hosted every year during Ramadan at different locations, is finally back. This year, Almas is hosted at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and will feature a variety of entertainment ranging from famous singers like Hussein al Salman, Hani Metwase and Ziad Saleh to lively nights including bingo night, karaoke night and quiz night.

InterContinental Hotel

Not only will you be munching on a delicious Iftar served to you from an extensive international buffet, you’ll also get to enjoy the famous Lebanese satire comedy “Ktir Salbe Show”. The show is performed by a group of well-known Lebanese comedians and offers comic insights of real life situations.

Exit Club

Located at Exit Club, Bab Amman Tent, should be a bucket list must this Ramadan. With different events every night, from singers and comedians to the world cup and karaoke nights, there’s so much to love about this place!

The country club

Dandana, located at The Country Club, is bringing lots of excitement all under one roof. From Jordan’s most beloved singers to competitions, prizes and most importantly The World Cup (once Ramadan is over), this tent is the epitome of a good time.


Iftar is over, your hunger is satiated and the gang is ready to chill. Wondering where to go? Skamleh is your spot. With its colorful decor, laid back atmosphere and delicious shisha, this is exactly what you need to kick back and relax.

7 waragat Cafe

The atmosphere is tense. Suddenly, the winning hand hits the table, followed by a mix of defeated sighs and yelps of anger. Card games are a necessary tradition among others during Ramadan. If you’re not a sorry loser, gather the crew and hit up 7 Waragat for endless card game sessions.


Need a caffeine-fix after Iftar? Why not bring your pup along to Barista, and order a cup of refreshing nitrogen coffee. With its mellow mood, mismatching furniture, and pet-friendly atmosphere, Barista definitely stands out when it comes to coffee shops in Amman.


Hate being drenched in cigarette smoke but have no other option? Well now you do. MindHub with its 2-storey smoke free atmosphere is perfect for that after Iftar social outing. If you’re feeling rather competitive, why not bring your own board game or use the ones found at the cafe and show your friends who’s boss.

Bait Baladna

The first thing you notice about Bait Baladna is its simplicity and coziness. It has a beautiful view overlooking downtown, serves delightful desserts, and the perfect shisha. If you’re looking for a warm setting and a place to soak up the nighttime views of old Amman, look no further.

Kobbeh W Bastouni

Looking for a chance to get together with friends, catch up, and play a game or two of cards? Kobbeh w Bastooni is just the place for that. Order your shisha, get your tarneebs in place and remember a little competition never hurt noone.

Ajeen wraps

Ajeen Wraps, one of the newest places in Amman’s pastry scene, is absolutely delicious. If you’re looking for a place that will fill you up without feeling overly bloated, this joint is your place.

Open till 3:00 a.m.

Zaatar w Zeit

A classic among foodies in Amman, Zaatar w Zeit is known as a go-to for late night eats. Whether you’re craving saj, a wrap, pizza, or eggs, Zaatar w Zeit, a staple of Lebanese streetfood, will never disappoint.

Open till 4:00 a.m.

Soul Food

If you’re a firm believer that food for the body isn’t enough, it also has to feed your soul, then Soul Food is about to become your new favorite spot. Toying around with different flavors resulting in an unconventional twist that will leaving you coming back for more, Soul Food will hit the spot.

Open till 2:00 a.m.


Sometimes certain dishes can feel like a hug in the form of food, and that’s exactly what Hashem feels like. One of the oldest places you’ll find in Amman,  this alley restaurant serves hummus, falafel, msabaha, foul that are to die for.

Open till 4:00 a.m.

Wazzup Dog

Fancy a hot dog? Wazzup Dog is your best bet for a dog in town. With it’s grilled hot dogs, numerous toppings, and melted cheese you can get sandwiches tailored to your exact preference that will no doubt be finger lickin’ good.

Open till 3:00 a.m.

Barcelos Chicken

Barcelos’ flamed BBQ-ed chicken is juicy, grilled to perfection and easily melts in your mouth, resulting in a world of flavors. Whether spicy or mild topped with your choice of sauce, this is every chicken-lover’s dream served up as a late night guilt-free bite. 

Open till 2:00 a.m.

Shawerma Zarb

Happiness truly is a juicy shawarma, now take that juicy shawerma and prepare it zarb style and you’ll get what they call a euphoric food experience. Whether you’re a fan of chicken, meat or both, this place serves shawerma with a taste to it that will surpass all your expectations! 

Open till 3:00 a.m.

The Cake Shop Lounge

Usually known as a dessert place, The Cake Shop is surprisingly so much more. If you’re looking for an exciting late night bite that will fill you up, this is the perfect place. The Cake Shop’s menu features Arabic as well as international dishes making it perfect for group outing.

Open till 4:00 a.m.

Stay entertained from Iftar till Suhoor

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team