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The Weekender – Fitness Frenzy 2017

When it comes to getting in shape in Amman, we truly are spoilt for choice. Gyms, classes and every creative form of organized physical activity seems to be right around everywhere you look. We know, picking your weekly workout spot is like picking a home away from home. That’s why we’ve composed this list, so you know where to go if you’re looking for a gym that speaks to your style, classes that suit your personality, yoga sessions that zen you out, MMA that releases your inner fighter or a CrossFit box that does whatever CrossFitters are so vehemently addicted to. Here we go!

Amyal Gym

Finding a great gym is like finding a sanctuary…a second home if you will. And if you’re looking for greatness, Amyal Gym is it. From the moment you walk in, you’re greeted by friendly smiles and a magnetic warmth. Open from 5:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., this massive gym, with high ceilings, crisp air, bright lighting and a black, red and yellow color scheme instantly triggers a sense of motivation and excitement. As you walk through, you intuitively flow through the space; from the free-weight area, to the cardio space, the amazing classes space which can hold up to 100 people, to the mind-body zone to get in touch with your internal power, to the ladies section and the fantastic locker room area that feels more like a spa.

The Amyal Gym philosophy of spoiling the client, and providing the best quality everything is reflected in every inch of the space. Each piece of equipment has been carefully brought in to help you build your temple in a way that will help you explore every muscle with pinpoint precision and careful design for maximum comfort. And if it’s true what they say about it all being in the details; Amyal has got that down to perfection. From resting on custom-made furniture, enjoying a drink at the cafe, having a steamer to conveniently steam your clothes or enjoy the benefits of special offers in their merchandise store for members; Amyal Gym feels like that great friend that has your back. Just ask the great gold medalists like Big Ramy, Ahmad Ashkanani and Cedric McMillan, who choose Amyal Gym as their go-to workout spot.

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym is where it all began. What started as a modest little spot in Venice Beach, California-with a commitment, passion and dedication to the body- has blown up to become a world-wide chain and is now open right here in Jordan. Since 1965 Gold’s Gym has aimed to help people find their strength, and have exemplified it with clients like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. With the best trainers and amazing facilities like a pool, top notch equipment, 3 floors just for ladies and more… this is surely the place to find your inner strength.

One II One

One II One is ‘your personal gym’. The motto is to change lives through fitness. With a personalized approach, trainers tailor routines to individual customers, guiding you through a unique plan to challenge and inspire to you to achieve and maintain your fitness goals. The equipment is world class, the team is professional, the facilities are modern and luxurious. What more could you want from a gym?

Trainers Jo

Trainers is the place to head if you’re looking for a variety of classes! Just in case you’re one of those people that bores easy…Trainers has enough styles to keep you feeling interested and engaged. From Salsa, Muay Thai, Pilates and Yoga, Boxing, Oriental Dance, Zumba, Shape & Burn and more… you’ll have no excuses. Trainers is designed to get you pumped and get in shape.


Inhale is all about the Art of Fitness. The gym offers high intensity classes for women of all ages and all fitness levels. They’re aimed to tackle every muscle in your body and help you lose weight, build muscle, reduce stress and feel healthy. Adopting an attitude of positive energy, Inhale caters their classes for 7 people max for each class, so that each person gets personalized, hands-on approach and an exceptional workout. Each class is unique and combines a variety of intense cardio, pilates, weight training, flexibility and more, their classes are a true embodiment of a full-body workout!


DNA aims to increase your awareness and appreciation for a healthy lifestyle. This all-around service includes exercise, nutrition and an education on how to be fit, and have increased vitality and energy. Their classes are aimed at utilizing biomechanics. From Pilates, Shred, Brazilian Burn and Firm, and even a class for kids, this is the place to take your fitness to the next level and adopt positive, sustainable change for life.

CrossFit 962

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that constantly changes things up. So it’s great for keeping your body on high alert and keeping your mind engaged. At CrossFit 962, you’ll find a community of like-minded performers. With the aim to represent a fitter, healthier Jordan, CrossFit 962 boasts an awesome vibe and energy that is addicting as the workout endorphins themselves!

CrossFit Quicksand

What’s great about CrossFit in general is that all boxes have to host a 4 week ‘Elements’ program that will teach you all the basics of CrossFit in a safe and enjoyable environment. You know you’ll need because Quicksand is all about working hard and getting some serious results. If you need a place that will kick your butt into gear…you’re bound to find tough love here. The workouts are hard, and you’re required to come with a mental determination to get you through.

CrossFit Crescent 

Seeing the positive impact CrossFit was having on their lives, families and friends, Joseph, Nathan and the rest of the Crescent team decided to open a CrossFit box in Amman. Everyone, from the owners, coaches and members strive for humility- learning from helping each other out – and working out with intensity because that’s where results are born; “Intensity with Humility” is their motto. If you’re looking for a place to grow with support, this is the spot. And what better referral than being involved in training Jordan’s Special Forces and Police?

Pink Elephant Space

The Pink Elephant Space is a sanctuary. It’s a safe space dedicated to escaping life’s daily stresses. It is a space of calmness, healing and spirituality… and that’s the perfect combination for Yoga. From pre and post Natal Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yin/Restorative Yoga, Power Yoga and Kid’s Yoga, you’ll find the healing you need. Not to mention the option to take part in meditation sessions and Chakra healing sessions.

Namaste Zone

Namaste Zone is a registered Yoga School and Center. The goal is to help people find their journey to healthier lifestyle choices and committing to personal goals and better habits. The Namaste Zone helps clients achieve those goals through a variety of classes. They also offer Focused High Intensity Personal Training Sessions, BootCamp and Yoga classes, private group fitness if your whole squad wants to join, as well as their weekly events and workshops. It’s a holistic approach to getting healthy- mind, body and soul.

Shala Tree Yoga

The Shala Tree is a “home” to a community of yogis, healers and seekers of wellness and light. The space was created to share and practice techniques that merge the mind, body and spirit as one. They offer Ashtanga Modified Primary Series, Power Vinyasa, Yatha Yoga, Gentle Yoga and more. They also offer unique workshops, like learning to bend into love and practicing Shamanic Dreaming with instructors from all over the world.

We’re sure you’ve heard of Desert Force. It is the dominant Middle East Professional MMA brand finding and building the best talent in Jordan. Their competitions are fierce and their training sessions take you to Championship levels. If you’re looking for some hardcore MMA, in a clean environment with awesome trainers and a go-getter vibe…this is the place for you. Train your body, and your mind.


SheFighter is a Self-Defense Fitness Training Studio designed to empower females physically and emotionally. On their way to becoming leaders in self-defense for women, their mission is to empower females to protect themselves from different forms of violence, increase awareness about the importance of saving women’s lives and helping women increase their self-esteem. So if you’re looking for a confidence boost, while strengthening your body and learning skills, as well as finding a community of support and empowerment for women…this is the spot.

The Source is a household name for MMA in the region. This Martial Arts School uses fighting arts and fitness to teach, model and develop confidence. Their classes are taught by professional, qualified instructors who have a combined 10+ years of experience. This is the perfect outlet to not only train in Martial Arts for your body, but also to train your mind and soul.

Whatever your form of fitness may be, we hope you’ve now finally found the perfect combination of trainers and ambiance to get you pumped, get you in shape and get you in line – mind, body and soul.

What do you think Tipsters? Which gyms and programs are your favorites? Let us know! 

Lemur Love, 

The Tip n’ Tag Team