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The Weekender – Christmas Guide

2020 made day-drinking possible, if your colleague can smell the alcohol, they’re not social distancing right. Since the unusual is now the usual, it is only usual we mention the unusual must-haves for your Christmas list this year.

The only set of balls a girl needs, and are socially acceptable for a boy to experiment with, on a self-care day.

Dropping a cute lil’ chocolate ball inside a mug, pouring hot milk on top then watching it magically pop and blend is the closest taste to that happiness you’ve been craving since you were 5.

Fight the seasonal depression and get naked with even more balls from Bath Treats. ‘Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal’.

Christmas fashion is fashion we love to hate. We have few places for you to shamelessly wear the holiday spirit.

Ugly Christmas sweaters are so 2008. Fuzzy Christmas socks on the other hand, now ‘that’s so fetch’. We’re trying to make Christmas socks happen and Dazzle Socks is where to get them.

Lockdown made it acceptable to stay in PJ’s all day long. The snuggle’s real fam, so at least, stay in your feels dressed festively with one of Treat Yo’elf onesies. 

Batches made in heaven that’ll make you do a little dance as your toxic attitude leaves your body.

Sweet, sometimes nutty, cake balls served on a stick so you can keep your hands clean while scrolling through your friend’s feed this Christmas.

If you were chill enough to be included, you’ve probably heard of wake ‘n bake. Cake n’ Bake is a family-friendly version of it.

Christmas lunch is a state of mind. If all you want for Christmas is food, we got you covered.

We’re getting vegetables inside you one way or another. May we suggest pairing sun-dried tomatoes with your wine?

Spread the cheer and spread the tapenade. Jars is offering them homemade so you eat, drink, and be merry this Christmas.

We want to help you put the rum in pa rum pum pum. After all, you can’t feel like the family black sheep when you’re wasted enough.

Everything looks better through wine tinted glasses. Wine Bayti is delivering home-made local wine right to your doorstep. No need to outsource your alcoholism.

Bottles n’ Things puts together alcohol packages complete with all that jazz to remedy your resting Grinch face.

For the wild ones ready to emerge from their caves, we know spots where people are social distancing, Christmas is not canceled and the Mulled wine is flowing.

If drinking mulled wine is in pour taste for you, High Garden Rooftop offers other festive drinks, some are even pink. Let your inner Mariah shine.

The Corner’s Pub is where sip happens. Outdoor heaters, crisp air, good friends and good vibes are all you need this Christmas.

‘Honey, you know if you want people to like you, you have to buy them things.’ – Karen Walker. Why not buy them eco-friendly things, Jesus will give you extra points for it.

One of Taraf’s festive heat pads could be the source of warmth to that one friend who clearly desperately yearns for physical touch.

When an artist from T-Bottle collects enough glass bottles, they’ll create a sustainable piece of art for any home.

Stay safe this Christmas, Tipsters!

Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team

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