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The Weekender – 20 New Places to Try In 2020

Sick of going to the same places over and over again? The Tip n’ Tag Team understands all too well; we all get bored of our favorite spots every once in a while and need new places to mark as our own. Whether you’re craving a taste of something new, or just trying to hide from a psycho ex, we’ve got you covered.

New Places to Check Out | Papaya Thai Kitchen

Amman can never have enough Asian restaurants, and that’s where Papaya Thai Kitchen comes into play. Pick away at their Vietnamese rolls while waiting for your phad Thai to show up.

New Places | Bagels & Brews

For a hole-y snack, drop by Bagels & Brews. Their bagels are fresh, and they come packed with fillings of your choice. Want a peanut butter bagel with sardines? Make them whip one up for you. Mmmm…


Are you the kind of person who shows up to work with a boxful of donuts for everyone? Might want to try Donuttery – they’ve got ’em in all shapes and colors. This is a surefire way of getting your boss to like you, the ants too.


More places to enjoy the wonders of meat are always a plus in our book. Located on the third floor of Abdali Mall, LHM is where you want to be for juicy ribs and plenty of un-kosher creations.


When you’re out craving carbs and vegetables, Asian dishes might be your go to food. At Lemongrass, you get a taste of the colorful cuisine and an appetizing amount of vegetables. Keep them chopsticks handy, though.

Puffs | New Places

This new coffee house is one of the many outlets Swefieh Village is boasting. At Puffs, you get good coffee, great dessert inspired by their great-grandmother, and some sick packaging.

Dip It

Still haven’t learned how to use chopsticks? Maybe picking up a doughy dessert is a good place to start. DipIt and their egg-shaped waffles and carb-loaded dessert boat are what you need when you have a midweek mental breakdown.


Looking for new places to get wasted? But like, the classy kinda wasted? Amber is here to the rescue. The place is so yellow, it looks like Big Bird ended his bender here, and plucked away a few feathers.

Blue Fig Crusts

There are a few things a hearty loaf of bread can’t fix – except for rampant far-right politics and climate change. Craving banana bread though? Blue Fig Crusts should be your new dealer.

Black Skillet

Untrue to its name, Black Skillet seems to have an unending supply of skillets. It makes sense, since they use them to create all of their delicious pan-fried dishes, minus the salads because that’s weird.


Whenever your heart desires meat that is more smoked than your average Jordanian, head to Pitmaster. Their delicious cuts are tender, juicy, and plentiful.

Chapter 9

This chic eatery dishes out contemporary Arabic food with style. At Chapter 9, you can find as many soups to warm your soul, delightful desserts, and even mana’ish.


If you’re new to the game, you should know that Tip n’ Tag caters to all niches. That includes viking axe throwing enthusiasts as well. Sharpen your axes, and throw them in a safe and controlled range at Vikings.


Solaya is an upcoming addition to the mediterranean food scene in Amman. Of all the new places on this list, this one is the most elusive. Here’s hoping their food lives up to the hype!


Monty’s is a new fun-sized eatery in Swefieh Village. You can turn to this entrecôte for delicious cuts of steak, and for what seems to be a first in Amman, an ice cube latte with steamed milk poured over coffee ice cubes.

Raw & Bowl'd

At Raw & Bowl’d you’ll find a vast menu stuffed with punny names. Salads are their bread, cold-pressed juices and all-natural smoothies are their butter.

New Places | Geisha

Are you dismayed at the shocking lack of options for coffee in Jabal Amman? Geisha is opening up soon around the 1st Circle, where they will be serving coffee made out of exquisite geisha beans. No, not the humans. The beans.

New Places | Watan

Watan is an unabashedly Palestinian boutique. Here, you can find items of all sorts, from shirts to handmade jewelry embroidered with Palestinian symbols and patterns.

 New Places | Mexican House

In the mood for Mexican food? Be it burritos or tacos, good food transcends xenophobia – no wall will ever keep them out of your tummy, especially at the Mexican House.

new Places | Burger America

Burger America isn’t just another burger joint – they actually plan on creating a burger for each US state. If you don’t know them all by heart, pick up the phone and Google the 51 states. Yes, you heard it right. 51 delicious burgers making their way to the menu.

Support local businesses, Tipsters!

Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team