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The Weekender – 12 Places to Look Out for in 2021

This generation be like; I know a place, then takes you to their ex’s favorite pub. Because the Tip n’ Tag team likes giving, and who doesn’t like receiving? How about you sit back, hold tight, and let your fingers run through our top picks of 12 places to look out for in 2021. We promise finding Jordan’s untouched spots has never been this easy, or felt this good.

Sometimes a little pull can make things a little steamy and take them to the next level. We’re talking about noodles folks. Shú Noodles has been perfecting the craft of hand pulled noodles for over a year before launching and serving them hot and spicy to those who dare.

A Sicilian pan pizza with a cheese crown needs no introductions. Well, if you want to meet this cheesylicious queen in Amman, Pizza Nina is its home away from home. The entire menu is a tempting catalogue of queens, but the Queen B for us is the porcini and truffle oil pizza. 

Go ahead, call the Tip n’ Tag team your pusha. Maybe we get a kick out of enabling your habits, who knows? But if you’re a sneakerhead, head immediately, to Eighty Five Eleven for a fix, you’ll find friends. They’re advocates of the sneaker streetwear culture.

What do you get when a passion for food meets a passion for traveling? A newborn streetstyle restaurant in Dabouq. Sure you’re bummed you couldn’t fly to Japan, in 2020, but a trek through KOI’s live sushi, wok, and poke stations is likely all you wanted anyway.

We showed you where Queen B is, but we like to be fair and square and tell you about a new pizza hitting the grid lately – Pizza SQRD. Shaped like a square, their dough, unlike your skin, is highly hydrated so it’s easy on the stomach. Good in case your stomach decides to assert dominance at night and demand food. Bonus: salads and pastas come in biodegradable packaging!

Tip n’ Tag caters to the sophisticated, vegan, bookworm too. Sounds like you? Hmm, so are you, like, lonely? Visit Pinabook with a book. And while you wait for someone you’ll never meet, play with a new friend and pet their cat. What? The place is pet friendly and they have board games!

Greeking over the name! One bite of Lafet Gyros authentic Greek food will strike you like a lightning bolt. Ain’t nobody got time for an odyssey, so who needs a hero? Just lock eyes with beautiful people while gobbling a gyro, they’ll feel the spark. Apollo-gees for the puns.

STREATS is essentially the new kid in school who comes in all saucy from the get-go and leaves you questioning whether you want to be with them or be them. Why? They elevate street food with sauces prepared from scratch and grass-fed beef wedged between two succulent potato buns. Want more? They cater to herbivores too.

‘Send me your location, let’s ride the vibrations’ and oh boy will you be vibing at Location Cafe. Whether you’re in the cherry garden sipping tea on the swing, or savoring oriental fusion dishes at the flowery terrace, the hint of Japanese in the ambiance pledges a kawaii experience.

Turns out a bunch of Jordanians let the dawgs out. Dawg & Co. gourmet hotdogs and swag are just the right mix of bold and beautiful. They promise no fake sh*t, just dawgs. And if you’ve tried their Snoop Dawg, you’d get it. Torn between dawgs? Take em all home, no one will judge baby, it’s all love.

Millennials are opting for plant-parenthood more than any other generation. Why? Let’s not open a can of worms. Just give your mother the grandchild she always wanted from BeLeaf, and feel unconditional love grow. It’s likely the only love from a living being you’ll ever know so if you’re a serial plant killer, please don’t hurt the babies.

We’re big on sustainable local businesses and ethical practices, as a result we couldn’t help but handpick Honest Cow for this list. Founded and managed by a German and Jordanian couple, it lives up to the name. What you see is what you get – hormone and antibiotic free dairy, from happy, happy cows whom you can meet too! Join the holistic approach with their growing base of loyal clients.

Keep it local, Tipsters!

Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team