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The Weekender – 12 Foodies to Follow in 2021

Don’t act like you don’t spend at least five hours a day on Instagram. You definitely spend at least half that time stalking the luxurious lives of influencers and asking yourself if you could ever be one. Well, since you probably won’t be, we’ve gathered a list of influencing foodies who are finding some of the top places to eat in Amman this year. Disclaimer: If one of your new year’s resolutions is to lose weight, sorry ahead of time.

Followers: 25.8K

Honesty is the policy with @Ammunchies. She has over 200+ honest restaurant reviews of some of Amman’s best eats so you won’t have to worry about eating crap meals.

Followers: 11K

Nothing like a big, fat, juicy… burger. @Twocandine’s burger Wednesday’s will have you drooling over Amman’s best burgers.

Followers: 19.9K

You probably won’t be able to stop eating after looking at @Faris_stop_eating’s instagram.

Followers: 26.7K

We’ve all got those friends who are self-proclaimed “foodies” but unlike them @foodiejo actually deserves this title. 

Followers: 20.2K

We’ll give you something to chew on ;)… ya we know that was lame, but @chewonthatt is anything but lame. Each post provides a price breakdown and an overall recommendation based on their experience.

Followers: 40K

Um, raise your hand if you knew that you could get a 4 course meal for 15 JD!? Well, Taste.Amman knows that and more when it comes to some of Amman’s best kept secrets.

Followers: 50.5K

You don’t get over 50,000 followers for giving bad recommendations…  just trust us on this one.

Followers: 14.8K

*wipes drool from mouth* literally the only thing you’ll be doing after looking through @jofoodjournal’s insta feed.

Followers: 40.2K

Don’t worry lactose intolerant peeps, @monaacheesa still offers some delicious bites for you. She started only a year ago and already has over 40,000 followers!

Followers: 12.7K

Next time your girlfriend says she’s fine with “whatever”, take a look at before you end up in a hangry fight.

Followers: 50K

There’s no other way to put it other than that @dinewithsally knows what’s up when it comes to food. You’re crazy if you think you can get through her feed without automatically ordering something.

Followers: 12.3K

If you have some time during drinking binges (or more likely, you develop a severe case of drunk munchies)  in Aqaba take a look at Hamafoodie. Based in Aqaba, Hamafoodie is serving you some dope eats near the Red Sea.

Screw diets. Eat on, Tipsters!

Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team