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The Daydreamer – April 2019 Week 2 Events

Are you ready for this year’s sunniest Daydreamer yet?  You can finally shed off that extra layer of clothing now because we’ve finally been blessed with good weather this week. From plays, to partying and tasting arak in ancient buildings, we’ve got you covered like that quilt you no longer need. So grab a friend and give the events on this week’s blog a gander.


Clean Bandit @ Abdali

Clean Bandit Live @ Abdali
April 11 @ 7:00 p.m.

International sensations Clean Bandit have taken it upon themselves to introduce Amman to the boppy goodness of their music. This electropop outfit took radios by storm earlier this year with the release of their single Baby featuring Marina and the Diamonds. Amman’s hoping that Marina is going to surprise everyone on stage with them this Thursday. Hurry up and buy your tickets at Sajjilni.

Price: 100 JD | Class A Tickets
45 JD | Class B Tickets
35 JD | Class C Tickets

Haret el Sakkayin @ Kan Zamaan

Haret El Sakkayin @ Kan Zaman
April 12 @ 2:00 p.m.

Ever wondered what an arak cocktail could taste like? Join Arak Haddad in their first pop-up event at Kan Zaman for a full day of arak appreciation, dancing, and a side of traditional mezzeh with a twist. The old walls of Kan Zaman will be hosting fresh new musical acts from around the region, like Salateen Al Tarab and Azone to make sure you never stop dancing.

Price: 15 JD

Qban Dance Night @ Maestro

Qban Dance Night @ Maestro
April 12 @ 9:30 p.m.

Cuban act Qban is bringing the colorful and vibrant sounds of Havana to the streets of Amman this Friday. Put on your dancing shoes, and catch Maestro’s happy hour before it ends, because you’re going to need some fuel for a night of non-stop dancing.

Price: 7 JD

wine and dine

Shams Fundraising Dinner @ Jordan Heritage

Shams Table Fundraising Dinner @ Jordan Heritage
April 10 @ 7:00 p.m.

Shams have ambitious plans on the table, and they need your help. Join Shams this Wednesday in their fundraising efforts with a delicious full-course menu, and a night of dialogue about food and culture. Read more about the event here, show some support to this initiative and help it grow.

Price: 20 – 100 JD

Great Outdoors

Hiking to Pella

Hiking to Pella @ Zone-Out
April 12 @ 8:00 p.m.

Honestly, the weather is great, and Zone-Out are a seasoned and friendly group of hikers. What’s your excuse for not joining their hike to Pella this Friday? Gaze in wonderment at the vast expanses of Ajloun’s greenery, and share a meal with your fellow hikers. We imagine people will be clamoring for a spot on account of the weather, so make sure you reserve a seat earlier.

Price: 25 JD

Family fun

Little Fashion Designers @ Zinc

The Little Fashion Designer @ ZINC 
April 12 @ 10:00 a.m.

Uniart are hosting a fashion design workshop on the heels of Amman Fashion Week. Watch your kid unleash their inner-Versace by creating and designing their own fashion line. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get to see your child’s work on the runway of future Amman Fashion Weeks.

Price: 20 JD

Water Marbling @ Atablefor10

Water Marbling @ Atablefor10
April 13 @ 1:30 p.m.

Looking for something to do with your entire brood? Head to Atablefor10 this Saturday for a course in water marbling. Go on an artistic adventure with your kids where you’ll learn the history of painting on water and how to do it. Spots are limited though, and prior reservations are required. Check out the event page for more details.

Price: 15 JD

Body and mind

Pay What You Can Yoga for Women @ House of Dreaming
April 7 @ 6:00 p.m.

Feel like practicing yoga but your bank account strongly disagrees? House of Dreaming’s weekly “pay what you can” yoga class for women is here to the rescue.  Bring your mat and join yogi Sara Haj Hassan for an empowering and spiritual session of yoga this Sunday.

Suggested price: 5 JD

Breathe & Center Yourself Workshop @ Golden Leaves Center

Breathe & Center Yourself Workshop @ Golden Leaves Center
April 12 @ 5:00 p.m.

Who would’ve thought that we haven’t been breathing right the whole time? Golden Leaves Center is here to set things straight with their breathing and grounding workshop this Friday. Learn to use breathing for meditation and for processing feelings in this three-hour workshop that’ll surely leave you fulfilled and breathing better.

Price: 35 JD

Art & Dialogue

7 @ SHams Theater

7 @ Al Shams Theater
April 7 @ 7:07 p.m.

Show some love to the Jordanian art scene and head down to Shams Theater tonight to catch an eye-opening play by Du’a Al Adwan. 7 broaches on the topic of mental illness, discussing several disorders and how their symptoms affect the lives of the characters.
Price: 3 JD

I Am Not a Poet @ Books@Cafe

I Am Not a Poet @ Books@Cafe
April 10 @ 8:00 p.m.

Join Lebanese musician Nader Mansour of The Wanton Bishops for a poetry reading this Wednesday. Mansour promises an auditory and musical journey about millennial love with a twist of Lebanese cynicism this Wednesday at Books@.

Price: 12 JD including a copy of Mansour’s book.

As always Tipsters, stay curious!

Lemur Love, 

The Tip n’ Tag Team