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The Weekender – 20 Local Businesses That Are So 2020

Supporting Local businesses is more important now than ever with the craziness that is 2020. Jordan is home to some of the most delicious and trendy home Local businesses and we’ve got a list of 20 Local businesses that you can check out from the comfort of your own home!

The name matches the product, Heavenly Swirls is exactly what you think: delicious, sweet layered swirls of Nutella, Lotus Biscoff, pistachio, Kinder, and more. Your sweet tooth will definitely be more than satisfied. 

There’s really nothing better than a chunky, chewy chocolate chip cookie (or in this case triple chocolate, red velvet white, or salted caramel fudge cookies). The Hidden Gem is truly a hidden gem of the cookie world. Bonus: You can order these pre-baked so you can have fresh cookies during the Friday lockdown.

If you love Banoffee pie, then you’re going to love Banoffee & More. Made with love from a home kitchen, Banoffee & More bakes your favorite Banoffee pie with some twists. Our picks: The Lotus Banoffee or the Bancoffee.

Crumbs will be the only thing left on your plate after you try Bites and Crumbs cakes and cupcakes. Their cake designs are some of the cutest and most clever we’ve seen. Oh ya, they also make homemade donuts, so do we even need to say more?!

Sushi lovers this one’s for you. Rasha’s Sushi is made by a certified personal chef who serves all your sushi faves from sashimi to poke bowls.

For all you health nuts out there, this one’s for you. Acai Jo is serving instagram-worthy smoothie bowls directly to your door. Get in the winter mood with their apple crumble warm bowl.

Since we’re already on a smoothie bowl health kick over here, check out Breeze Smoothies for their delicious plant-based smoothie bowls. From Dragon Fruit Dreams to Honey Dew, your daily fruit quota will definitely be met.

Guilt-free sweets? Sign us up! My Skinny Season is the perfect option for health nuts who still want to satisfy their sweet tooth. Try their guilt-free date bars or chocolate caramel squares!

Okay, back to our normal sweet and savory programming, we’ve got some more bomb-@$$ cookies for you to try. Cookielisa Jo takes cookies to a whole new level with their cookie pizza and edible cookie dough. Yes, this is a real thing and we are HERE. FOR. IT.  

We can all agree that cinnamon rolls are possibly one of the best baked goods ever created. Cinnawomen takes cinnamon rolls to the next level with their Nutella, Lotus, and Caramel buns. We’ve died and gone to bun heaven.

Okay, now that we’ve satisfied your sweet tooth, let’s turn to you savory-lovers. BiddiPizza offers your classic cheese and pepperoni, but if you’re really looking to switch it up, try their Sujook or Msakhn pizza.

A Very Good Burger is exactly what they serve, a very good burger. Served out of a home kitchen, Very Good Burger has one burger on the menu and it’s very good. Oh btw, it’s only 2 JD.

Want home baked goods without actually having to bake? Enter HomeMade ArtCakery. They offer beautifully detailed designs for all of your baked goods needs for any occasion.

Your search for natural deodorant that actually works is over! Misk Shop offers all-natural, chemical-free deodorant that won’t leave you smelling like you forgot to wear deodorant…

Let’s be honest, #lockdowns don’t really encourage consistent showering, but with handmade soap from Saponem, you’ll want to jump in right away.

If you’re looking for art to fill your walls, you’ve landed on the right page! Wallzy makes local art made by young and passionate people accessible to everyone, they print, frame, and deliver your favorite pieces to your doorsteps.

Keep yourself on track with one of Talar Tokajian Lifestyle’s adorable planners and journals. Her unique and colorful designs will make you excited to plan your week and stay on top of your sh*t.

This bad-@$$ female-led Jordanian startup sells delicately designed monthly planners and journals for all your writing needs. Start prepping for 2021 with their new 2021 monthly planner!

Okay, but who doesn’t love getting jewelry?! Add a little twinkle to her eye (sorry, we had to) when you give her a piece of handmade jewelry from Twinkles. Better yet? Treat yo self!

A bougie bargain hunter’s dream: discounted designer goods! Retagit’s motto is “thrift and thrive”, and believe us when we say that you will definitely be thriving with their amazing deals on luxury brands.

Shop local, stay home. Happy shopping, Tipsters!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team