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The Weekender – Sweater Weather Guide: Soups For the Soul

With the temperatures dropping the last few days, the time of year to get serious about your soup addiction has definitely arrived. Just knowing there’s a warm hearty bowl waiting at home makes even the coldest, wettest day better, right? Don’t kid yourself though, while instant soup packs might be a quick and easy option, they’re just not as nourishing or satisfying as the real thing. Whether you’re sick, looking for a comfort-food fix or just want something to warm you up, this ultimate list of delicious soups will take the chill off your days and give you that dose of coziness you’re desperately longing for.

Cream of Broccoli Soup - Luigi's Pizza

If you look at what goes into making broccoli soup, you might think they’re disappointingly dull. What makes it so great though, other than its super creamy texture and how satisfying it really is, is how it uses the most basic ingredients yet magically transforms them into much more than the sum of their parts. Make sure to head down to Luigi’s Pizza and give their heavenly cream of broccoli soup a try.

Mushroom Soup - Boho Haus

Been on the look out for the perfect mushroom soup for a while now? Look no further. Served in a freshly baked bun, Boho Haus‘s luscious mushroom soup is smooth, creamy and rich with intensely earthy flavors. You’re surely and instantly going to fall in love with this classic.

Wonton Soup - Ren Chai

Wonton soup is an all-time favorite comfort-food staple. After all, who could say no to soft fluffy dumplings, filled-to-burst and swimming in a delicious broth with a savory yet delicate flavor. Head to none other than Ren Chai for a genuine taste of this Chinese treat.

Roasted Tomato Soup - The Cafe Gourmand

Tenderly roasted zesty tomatoes and fresh seasonal herbs combine to create, quite possibly, the best tomato soup in town. This is what awaits you at the Cafe Gourmand. Served with toasted garlic pesto bread from their gourmet bakes, this combo makes for a perfect winter pick me up.

Ramen Noodle Soup - Roe

There’s more to Japanese cuisine than just sushi. Sushi’s other half in the hearts, and stomachs, of Japanese food-lovers is none other than ramen. This noodle soup is just right for when you’re craving something light yet warm and comforting. Offering beef, chicken and vegetable variations using their home-made noodles, Roe is definitely Amman’s most slurp-worthy ramen spot.

French Onion Soup - La Maison Verte

French onion soup is a classic for good reason. Even if you’re not a fan of onions, you have to admit there’s something dreamy about caramelized onions cooked to perfection, simmered in spice, combined with French baguette and topped with melted cheese in a soup bowl. Where better to have this French goodness than at La Maison Verte?

Corn Soup - Casereccio

What more do you crave in winter other than hot soups and freshly baked breads? If your answer to that was “nothing”, Casereccio‘s corn soup is just the thing for you. Not only is it creamy and filling, but it’s also served in a fresh bun. A winning match, this combo is perfect for almost any season, not just when it’s cold.

Rashouf Soup - Jordan Heritage Restaurant

Rashouf soup, although many might not know it, is a traditional winter dish tightly linked to Jordanian culture. Although more popular up north and outside Amman, you can try this hearty chowder at the Jordan Heritage Restaurant. Made with their signature Jameed and cooked with a blend of lentils, groats, and wheat, this soup is packed with many rich flavors.

Miso Soup - Soho

Considered to be a superfood by many Eastern healers, Miso has been ascending the ladder of trendy foods recently. With its superb nutritive value, having this cozy cup of warmth at Soho will immediately heat you up, enhance your energy, and strengthen your immune system. It’s all you need in your winter wellness toolkit.

Lentil Soup - Vitamin

After a long day, nothing beats coming home to the wonderful smell of lentil soup ready for you to devour. The aroma of the spices simmering and the memories it stirs up taking you back to your Grandma’s kitchen should be enough to make this your all time favorite type of soup. This hearty energy-loaded stew is bound to warm both your body and your soul. If you never have the time to make your own, head to Vitamin to enjoy theirs in a convenient cup on the go.

Tom Kha Gai Soup - Thai room

One of Thailand’s most popular soups, this explosion of flavors in a bowl is a definite must try. This creamy chicken soup Thai Room serves is unlike any other you’ve ever had. It gets its rich and dynamic taste from the combination of coconut milk spiced with fragrant Thai galangal, lemon grass, lime leaves and chili. Are you drooling yet?

Harira Soup - Vinaigrette

Harira is a traditional Moroccan soup made with diced lamb, tomatoes, chick peas, lentils, saffron and ginger. When done right, this steaming bowl doesn’t necessarily just have to be an appetizer of choice, but rather a wholesome meal on its own. Since it isn’t very popular in Jordan, if you’re down to try this heavenly blend of rich flavors, Vinaigrette is hands down your best bet.

Remember Tipsters, happiness is simply a hot bowl of soup on a cold winter day!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team