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The Weekender – 11 Healthy Bites For The Office

Looking to order a healthy lunch at work? From home-made to global cuisines, to detox packages,
Amman offers a range of options for you to choose from and make sure your office lunch is not a
missed opportunity for a delicious and rewarding meal. Let your taste buds meet healthy
goodness and thank you later!

Lighty Lites Kitchen 

Delivering healthy meals to people at work, Lighty Lites Kitchen’s  meals and recipes are created by health specialists and experienced cooks, and if there’s something a nutritionist knows, it’s how to keep you on your tip toes and fueled for the day! With over 200 dishes on queue, it’s a good bet you’ll be surprised every day with something yummy and healthy.

Price: 37 JD per person per week
35 JD for two people
33 JD for three
30 JD for four or more
and discounts for monthly subscriptions

The Nutribox

 Majd Al Khatib started her career as a nutritionist in 2008 and her creation, Nutribox, is one to check out if having healthy and balanced meals is your priority! After helping patients struggling with weight loss, children with special needs, diabetes, high cholesterol, autoimmune diseases and even cancer, Nutribox was her response to requests asking her to create meal plans. She came up with the perfect health solution to fit individual needs, prepared by internationally-trained chefs! Help yourself to 5JD light Mansaf on Mondays!!

Price:  One meal for 6 days a week; monthly package is 200 JD

Primrose Healthy Shop

 A delicious health food store dedicated to providing customers with unique combinations of guilt-free gourmet options, Primrose serves home-made additive-free food to replace the fatty and sugary options out there!  From rich avocado salads to grilled falafel and halloum wraps, it’s all on the menu. Start healthy eating habits today with their wide variety of salads, soups, wraps, sandwiches, light bites and freshly brewed Italian coffee. Yes, healthy food can taste this good!

Price: Order for 5 people and it’s 180 JD per month,
for 8 people, and it’s 150 JD per month
or just order from the menu, with affordable prices and calories listed

Muscle Kitchen

Calling up all carnivores! The Muscle Kitchen offers you an affordable and hearty protein feast! Do that intensive session with a personal trainer you’ve been putting on hold and head to the Muscle Kitchen. Or call up the Muscle Kitchen as a pre-step to your muscle-building workout afterwards! Whether it’s beef steak, fish, or chicken you’ve craving, they’ve got you covered.

Price: 5 JD grilled steak,  4 JD Chicken Curry, 7 JD Salmon Filet

Calories Healthy Food Restaurant

Calories offers its clients a nutritional consultation with specialists in therapeutic feeding and the treatment of obesity—so if losing weight’s on your agenda for the season, they can certainly help you cater to that. Their motto says that “a healthy diet coupled with a physically proactive lifestyle leads to a calm mind, body and soul.”  We could all certainly use a little more of that.

Price: Ranges from 480 JD per month for three meals a day
to 300 JD per month for one meal plus a snack


Choose Green Aria to keep your employees healthy and happy! Their
deals include main courses, salads, and smoothies as well, with a focus on a healthy dose of
veggies and fruits!

Price: 5 days, 5 meals per day, you pay 240 JD per month

Home Made Food

 If what you’re looking for is a business that has withstood the test of time, Home-Made Food Restaurant has been operating as a family business since 1986 and guarantees traditional Arabic food cooked with age-old recipes, from stuffed grape-leaves (waraq dawali) to other Arabic specialties, this will be a meal to remember.

Price: Check out their menu!


Seed offers the kind of food you’ll always feel better after eating—whether it’s a day for a healthy smoothie or a balsamic veggie wrap, this place is a special hit for vegetarians and meals prepared with the freshest ingredients. If you need that tasty booster to make those healthy choices, this one’s for you. They have one promise for their clients: “Your body won’t regret it.”

Price: Juices and Smoothies for about 5 JD
Soups, Salads, and Wraps for about 6 JD

The Sandwich Boutique

Call up The Sandwich Boutique for a day’s order of hearty sandwiches or a special order for your office events! Check out their creative menu, which includes fun sandwich names like “Tunaluna” and “Skinny Mermaid”, or their more classic selections to indulge homey cravings for Zaatar, Turkey, and Hallumi.

Price: Sandwiches range between 2 and 4 JD

D2x ME

We’ve heard great things about @D2xME, your go-to detox package in Amman! Expelling toxins and harmful waste from your body, improving your sleeping patterns, lowering stress levels, rebalancing hormones and fortifying your immune system are only some of the benefits of going on the cleanse. We live in an environment in which we are constantly exposed to toxins—from processed foods, to soda drinks, pesticides, car exhaust, pollution, and prescription medication, so a detox is certainly in order.

Price: 3 Day Detox Plan for 150 JD
5 Day Detox Plan for 250 JD
7 Day Detox Plan for 350 JD
or just go for a one day Liquids detox for 50 JD

Primal Restaurant

Last but not least, Primal’s high quality healthy menu serves paleo food and delicious alternatives to keep up your healthy body philosophy. They offer vegan options, cater to allergies and intolerances, and offer a rather delicious assortment of desserts to indulge in guilt-free! Both concept and substance, call Primal for a euphoric food experience. Order a quinoa burger and sweet potato fries, and a kale and fig salad, and both your senses and body will thank you afterwards.

Price: Pick from their menu
from 5 JD Chocolate Power Pie,
to 9 JD Quinoa Burger,
to 15 JD Sesame Crusted Tuna.
Wraps available for 8.5 JD,
Salads between 5 and 8 JD


We know that’s a lot to choose from, but that’s exactly the point: the perfect incentive
to try them all and figure out what works for YOU!
After all, we each have our unique lifestyles and needs.
Let’s call this an invitation to answer yours.

As always Tipsters, stay curious!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team