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The Weekender – 10 Best Bar Bites

There’s a reason why people go to bars, and it isn’t just the booze. It’s the company, the food, the experience tied to the place. Why else would any pub have regulars, or be open in the afternoon? Every one has a way to their hearts, and for most it’s a good meal with great flavor. We at Tip n’ Tag know what’s up, and we want to be there for you when work hours are over and you’re looking for a bite to eat. Here’s just a few of what our Tipsters think are the best bar bites in town!

Brick Lane

Two things you can never go wrong with when you pair them are mushrooms and beef! They just have a way of dancing together in your mouth. If you’re ever passing by Brick Lane for a round of drinks with your friends, make some space for their Garlic Beef. Every bite will be worth your while.

Copas Central

For the love of all that is good in life, you must at least once try the Potato Cubes at Copas. Hot, garlicky and perfectly fried with a golden brown shell and a soft bite to them, they make for the best appetizer any vegan or non-vegan could go for.

The Corner's Pub

Don’t want a burger, but still want to relish the feeling of having your teeth sunk into tender beef? Take a bite out of Corner’s Steak Sandwich and send good prayers to the chef. Nothing about it will disappoint you; not the bread, not the spread, not even the onions or fries.

Champions Tavern

Nothing hits home like fried appetizers paired with beer. Always delicious and never enough, Champions’ Mexican Spring Rolls are what dreams are made of (if they were deep fried and filling). Bite after bite, you’ll wish you had the power to eat without getting stuffed.

La Calle

A truly underrated dish is the Beef Salad at La Calle. Little to nothing brings more pleasure to your soul than a platter of tender beef paired with the finest of red wines. You haven’t really lived until you’ve had a bite out of this life-altering assortment of flavors.

Bar on Four

You know how if you order water with ice and a lemon slice, it’s all of a sudden fancy? It’s the same thing with fries. Bar on Four has these amazing Truffle Fries with Parmesan that make it relatively acceptable for you to treat your inner kid while still maintaining your bougie-ness.

Chestnut Restaurant & Pub

Although very simple to prepare, not many seem to have mastered the art of the Spinach Dip. Except for Chestnut, of course. From texture to consistency to comfort feel, if you’re in the mood to channel your inner Popeye, you wouldn’t mind licking this bowl clean.

The Nub

This one’s for the brave, the bold and the daring; the ones who’s hearts lie at the beginning and end of every delicious mouthful they have in life. The Spicy Buffalo Wings at The Nub are as flavor-packed as they are inviting. You wouldn’t mind getting messy with this delectable dish.

Somewhere Else

Brie is a cheese that works well with many things; sandwiches, wine and even wasabi! To elevate its delicacy you’ll want to have it baked, and where better than at Somewhere Else? Top it on a baked cracker, or better yet a slider, and enjoy every bite of its nutty flavor.

Amigo Pub

What’re three things you’d fall back on if nothing on the menu tingled your taste buds? Cheese sticks, chicken wings and chicken tenders. Where better to have them than at the one true master of platter plating? Next time you’re at Amigo for their happy hour, bite into the Amigo Platter.

What’s life without a bite to eat?

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team

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  1. Farah

    Dec 20, 2018 at 7:55 AM

    Great Job Rua’a !

    This is extremely helpful for a weekend outing 🙂

    Loved the designs as well


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