Happy Tuesday, Lemurs! Today we’re picking out the top questions and answers from last week. So, without further ado, here they are:

  1. Sebastian asked “Where can I grab some quality dessert after midnight” in Boston, MA?
    He received three awesome answers, including the Cheesecake Factory and Bricco. The most liked tip was from village drunk: “I would suggest South Street Diner. Its open 24 hours and has all kinds of different foods (breakfast, lunch, dinner & desserts). If you’ve hit up the South Street Diner recently, let us know what your favorite dish is!
  2. Georgio asked “Where can I get a cheap mani pedi” in Boston, MA?
    Newbury Street was a really popular response with places like MiniLuxe and Lauren’s Nails, but the crowd favorite is My Mani Pedi on Tremont St. in the South End. Both McLovin and andreasquit recommended this spa and said that this great mani pedi is just $37!
  3. Looking for the best ice cream in Boston? Village drunk asked fellow lemurs that very question and got some pretty varied responses.

Know of any other places to help answer these questions? Leave a tip now!

Lemur Love,

The TipnTag Team