p>Another Tuesday means anther Top 3 Tips from last week! Here they are:

  1. daddy cool asked “Where can I find authentic French cuisine” in Boston, MA and found out some pretty cool hidden spots. After some digging, our friend Lenny the Lemur tipped that The Elephant Walk in Cambridge (also with locations in Boston and Waltham) serves a nice mix of French & Cambodian food! As it turns out, there are quite a few restaurants in Boston serving authentic French food. Check out the rest of the tips for more French spots. Bon appétit!
  2. Now that we’ve officially entered into fall, supernova wanted to make sure he wouldn’t miss a thing. His question “Where can I get the best view of fall foliage” led to some awesome spots to appreciate the season. Sebastian tipped about a secret spot in Waltham, off Trapelo Rd near the I95 exit, perfect for a drive on a crisp fall day.
  3. Looking for a great night out, but you’re under 21? Jills9311 wanted to know about the club scene for people under 21. Kassidy tipped about The Kells on Brighton Ave, which is now Tavern in the Square Allston!  They have great bar food and atomosphere, but do ID at the door on Friday and Saturday nights. For an awesome underage club experience, check out Rise in Boston.

Thanks to everyone who tipped and tagged last week! Lenny thrives on curiosity, so keep your questions coming!