p>We’re kicking off this week’s Top Three Tuesday installment with two questions for you:

  1. Are you a fan of tapas?
  2. How do you pronounce “tapas”? (Is it Top-pus? Taa-pus? Tay-pus?)

If you answered the second one, please post your answer below. We’re curious (like a lemur!). If you answered “yes” to the first question, then we have a tip for you! If you’re seeking traditional Spanish tapas, look no further than either Tasca or Toro in Boston MA. Both, according to Stefano G., have a wide variety of authentic Spanish tapas for your enjoyment. We’re definitely going there to check out the offerings–or at least to inquire about the pronunciation of “tapas”…

Warning: Upcoming Videogame Reference

There are two groups of video-gamers in the world—those looking forward to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and those anticipating EA’s Battlefield 3 (both games release this November). While there’s heated debate regarding the “better” installment, the major downside for both parties is that they can’t duke it out virtually with their respective games. Why? It’s impossible to play together on different games, even if online. The solution? PAINTBALL! We had some good feedback this week regarding the best deals on Paintball. While it’s a rather “loaded” question (pun intended!), our tippers left some great feedback on where to pursue such deals. While Boston Paintball got the popularity vote, Daddy Cool shared a neat tidbit about Friendly Fire Paintball in Upton. According to Daddy Cool, the venue is hosting a Halloween special where costume-wearing customers receive a free day of play (including time and equipment).

Sometimes, we get questions that just about anyone could answer. User MickeyD06 asked where he could find Nike shoes in Boston, MA. Most of us could answer this question within 10 seconds of waking up in the morning. Fortunately, this simplistic question didn’t deter our users from contributing to Mickey’s inquiry. We received many recommendations on various Boston locations where one could acquire a pair of shoes, most notably Nike Town and Foot Locker. Now that Mickey’s answer has been fulfilled, it’s on to more pressing matters—like how to pronounce “tapas”…

Lemur Love,

-The TipnTag Team