Ever wanted to learn a new instrument? How about trying one you may have never even heard of?!

User Arestia asked where to take mandolin lessons in Boston, MA and our first response was “what’s a mandolin?” After a small investigation (aka a simple Google search), we found out that the mandolin is an Italian instrument plucked or strummed, much like a modern-day guitar. The coolest part about the mandolin is that they’ve been around since the 17th century! Talk about old. While we were Google searching for mandolin enlightenment, StreetSavvy and kassidy both stepped up to the plate and offered two awesome mandolin teachers, Howie Tarnower and August Waters!

This musical question inspired Lenny to try something new, but he’s not very musically inclined (tiny lemur hands!). So, Lenny decided to pick up surfing. We know what you’re thinking… it must be freezing in the water! But, Lenny’s a tough lemur and he handled it well until his surfboard broke! Luckily, an awesome Guest Lemur asked for a place to get a surf board repaired. It looks like Chino Surfboards is the place to go for Boston surfers in a bind.

And, how could we write a post the week before Halloween and not try to scare the daylights out of you?! Last week, Lenny desperately wanted to find a place to get a good scare before Halloween approaches next week. Cara C. tipped that Fenway turns into a haunted amusement park, Fear at Fenway, from Oct 28 – Nov 6! Who wouldn’t want to go gallivanting through Fenway Park while “soiling your pants with fear!” (According to Cara). The attraction is a bit pricey, but we can’t wait to check it out before gorging on all the candy we collect!

What are you planning to do for Halloween this coming weekend?