If there's one thing Lenny will never get used to, it's the crazy New England weather! This past weekend we got hit by a snowstorm in October! Before Halloween! This absolutely crazy weather is why our Top 3 Tuesday is dedicated to keeping you warm in the coming months.

As this snowstorm caught many of us off guard, it would be great to know where to get a new winter coat! Stefano asked where to get a new one and found that Boston has a bunch of places to get a coat, which comes as no surprise. Eastern Mountain Sports has an awesome selection of winter gear for all price ranges. With multiple locations in the Boston area, they are one of the easiest places to make sure you're prepared for any other freak storms!

This weekend's storm left a lot of New England (and the east coast) without heat and power. It's good to know that there are places to go to keep warm and do some fun things at the same time! Get in some laugh therapy by watching a comedy show. Bethm tipped that Beantown Comedy is the place to go for great laughs and drinks with friends. And, one of our favorite Bostonians, Dane Cook, got his start at that very place in the early 90s!

Not in a laughing mood? We found out a great place for watching foreign films at the Landmark Kendall Square theater. This cinema has become Boston's home for independent and foreign films. You can also use the architechtural landmark as an event space for screenings and private premiers!

What are you doing to stay warm this winter? We hope you are all finding ways to survive Snowtober aftermath!