Top 3 Tuesdays: Catch Me In Your Plans

December 19, 2011
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This week we look at swimming while it’s snowing; meeting new friends on the go; tennis in a bubble; comfort food during the cold weather; and our favorite Winter brews.

The winter season allows us to break out and break in those rusty ice skates and ski boots but for those who have no interest in the traditional winter sports, you have not been forgotten. Boston is filled with indoor sports centers where you can keep practicing those tennis strokes on the court as well as those backstrokes in the pool. Check out the Boston Athletic Club for indoor tennis courts and enjoy a free 1-Day Pass with access to all the indoor sports offered. For swimming, try Commonwealth Sports Club and get a 7-day free trial pass.

For those who enjoy the cool brisk feeling while running outside, this winter Boston is offering a number of races, but my ultimate favorite is the Freedom Trail Run which incorporates historical sightseeing and goes on every Saturday and Sunday. Enjoy a great workout with occasional stops around the beautiful city of Boston this winter – you might even meet some pretty cool people. Check out the Freedom Trail Run Video Clip

Every winter our friend, Sam Adams, likes to shower us with a variety of flavor brews but this winter he has gone above and beyond. With a wonderful mix of fruit and chocolate savors, you are guaranteed to find your beer of choice this season. Going to a holiday party? Pick up a Winter Classics Variety pack that is sure to delight your friends. Some flavors include the
Black & Brew which is a chocolate stout; the Chocolate Bock which has a rich and creamy taste; the Winter Lager which includes a touch of holiday spice; the Old Fezziwig Ale which is spicy and bold and considered a “big Christmas cookie” of a beer; and much more. It also doesn’t hurt that the alcohol content in this winter’s brews is higher than the average beer, well maybe just a little.

Although there have been a few days of warm weather, who are we kidding? Boston is known to have one of the longest winters so it’s important to find those comfort foods that will keep you warm this season. For all things Boston, there is always Faneuil Hall Marketplace in the North End where a whole day can technically be spent taking in all three meals of the day. Make sure to look deep between the touristy food stands for MMMac & Cheese which will prepare your order while you wait so you can be sure to get that fresh taste. Across the bridge in Cambridge you will find another hearty, homey meal at Henrietta’s Table. Ask for the Yankee Pot Roast, which includes braised beef alongside mashed potatoes and gravy. To put the cold weather to rest, finish up with a rich but sweet cup of hot chocolate. Boston offers many beautifully placed cafes all over so my suggestion is to post a question on and wait for

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the tips to roll in from your fellow lemurs.

Happy Holidays!

Reema Attyeh

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