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The Weekender – 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Top 10 Outdoor Date Night Spots

There’s just something about outdoor dates that hits differently. Don’t let all the #HotGirlSummer and #CityBoySummer social media posts fool you! Love is still in the air and luckily for you, Amman has many date night spots for you. Ditch the same old “Netflix and chill” routine and hit these romantic outdoor date spots around A-town with your boo. Warning: the following might inspire intense feelings of naughtiness!

When you wanna listen to her but you also wanna drink in case what she says doesn’t make sense.

This fairy light lit cozy small garden features a small bar and patio furniture. What you will enjoy most about this place with your date is the atmosphere. You will certainly enjoy talking, drinking, laughing and cozying up to each other. So ideal!

For when you wanna be on a date but also open up the opportunity to friend-zone.

This little gem is a favorite amongst couples for its hip, artsy vibe. The tapas menu is delicious and the cocktails are incredible. While the patio is small, sipping a cold drink under the towering leafy tree in the stone courtyard is a relaxing escape for you and your date.

When you wanna test his taste in booze.

A boozy hideaway that’s a little mysterious, a bit more exclusive, and a touch more romantic! This speakeasy inspired den allows you and your date to pick your favorite bottle of wine from their liquor store, and they’ll serve it to you paired with a perfect dish to bring out its flavor. 

If you like your stomach a little bit more than your date! 

Carbs and a hot date? Sign us up! Spark old school romance in this pizzeria’s charming garden, and treat your date to a selection of heartwarming pizza and Italian delicacies paired with a generous glass of wine.

When all that you wanna see is the person you’re with and a backdrop of Amman’s skyline.

Stunning views, a little candlelight, and a lot of love in the air! Nothing says ‘romantic date’ like a rooftop bar with sprawling views over the city for an impressive open air date.

Sake wining & Sushi dining that ain’t for your average Tinder date.

You can never go wrong with a sushi date! This south Asian inspired private spot with its sleek settings and beating sounds is a pleasant spot for dates.

When she’s worth spending half your salary on.

Paris is calling and you must go! Who doesn’t love to be wined and dined at a bougie restaurant every now and then? Take your date out to a gourmet award winning French restaurant for a romantic candlelit dinner under the stars.

When you love her like a fat kid loves cake.

As far as first dates go, you can’t go wrong with the old grabbing a cup of coffee. It’s a classic date that we all love! This charming cafe is an ideal spot to meet with a date for a hot cup of coffee paired with dessert.

When you wanna show her that you’re not that rough around the edges.

Named for the trees in its terrace, this 1950’s villa offers a little piece of Italy in artsy Weibdeh. If you and your date enjoy good food and Art, this is where we recommend you go for a romantic night under the stars.

To see and be seen, and sorta make it official.

Inspired by Romantic Tuscany, this Mediterranean gem in the city will definitely impress your date! It’s warm and stylish ambience makes it a perfect spot for lovers.

Happy Dating Tipsters!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team