Weekend Suggestion – Go Sightseeing and take a camera this time…

Spring is in the air and while the animals may be getting frisky this is a good time for us humans to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors once more. Lets face it, Amman doesn't stay green for too long. One of the hottest questions recently asked was all about finding the best area in Amman to take photographs of nice views. With a total of 12 tips since, Streetsavvy's suggestion of Jabal al Weibdeh was selected as the most prominent. You can take great photos of the old Amman cityscape as well as some funky street shots while enjoying a walk in one of the most pedestrian friendly areas in Amman. And for the most part, that means you too ladies. Wild Jordan Cafe and Amman Citadel were also mentioned more than once as good spots to take some scenic photos of the outdoors and the contrasting urban sprawl.

Top 3 Places to go in Jabal al Weibdeh when you're  done taking your scenic photographs and enjoying the outdoors:

  1. Canvas – A laid back, cozy and artsy place often with live musical acts – i.e. Light n' Jazzy.
  2. Beit Sitti – Like home cooked Middle Eastern cuisine? Wanna learn how to make some Middle Eastern dishes? Leave full and pick up a new skill while you're at it. Super fun experience and the food is even better.
  3. Cafe Graffiti – If you're in the mood for a coffee and want to wind down after your walk you'll find Cafe Graffiti a charming destination for both your palette and your eyes. You can even add your graffiti on their walls if you're feeling artistically inclined. Speaking of which…

Insider Tip: ART. If you admire or simply appreciate it – Jabal al Weibdeh is drowning in art galleries – need I say it, the good kind of drowning. From the ever-present Darat al Funun to the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts to the artistically vast Dar al-Anda Art Gallery, don't step foot in Jabal al Weibdeh expecting to leave without having experienced art at one of these city gems. Here's a little break down of what to expect from each of these stalwarts of the art scene in Jordan.

  • Darat al Funun – Paintings, prints, sculptures, drawings, photography & book illustrations by 69 Arab artists from Jordan, Palestine,
    Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt,Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Saudi Arabia.
  • Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts – Over 2000 works including paintings, sculptures, prints, sculptures, photographs, installations, weavings and ceramics by more than 800 artists from 59 countries primarily from Asia and Africa.
  • Dar al-Anda Art Gallery – Encompassing much more than just the visual arts, Dar al Anda promotes Art in the form of musical concerts, informative literary and cultural activities that take place in tandem with the many exhibitions of fine art they house.

Fun Fact: Jabal Al Weibdeh or Al Weibdeh as many locals tend to call is actually Luweibdeh. Yes, Weibdeh is not it's name! Its hard to notice the difference for most because people usually say “Al Weibdeh” when in reality its “Al Luweibdeh”. In Arabic usually people throw around terms like “ana raye7 3al weibdeh” or “ana bil weibdeh” each of which ends with an “L” before the “Weibdeh” mistake thus concealing our ears from the truth of the matter. Well…at least now you know for the next time you type it!

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Lemur Love,

The TipnTag Team