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The Weekender – 15 Indoor Activities Under 15 JDs

There’s nothing better than cozy winter days. The frosty sugar on top? Fun indoor activities that bring warmth to these ‘brrr’ months. For those of you looking for budget-friendly hangouts in Amman, fret no more, the Tip n’ Tag Team has put together an arrangement of entertaining indoor activities to do under 15 JD this cold season.

The Switch

Thrill seekers and code crackers gather ’round – The Switch Center’s got what you need. For 60 minutes of mind-scratching fun, see if you have what it takes to escape rooms of different themes with friends and family.

Price: 13 JD per person

Indoor Activities | Locals' Boardgames Cafe

Because nobody ever says no to boardgames, it’s only fitting to have Locals’ on this list. From local games like Jackaroo, classics like Monopoly, to newcomers like Yogi-Yo, you’ll find the board that’s right for you. Drop by on Wednesdays for a smoke-free evening of games.

Price: 2 JD per person

Indoor Activities | V-Bowl Cosmic Bowling

Let’s go bowling – but with laser and black lights! Forget the old-school way of bowling and enjoy the mesmerizing lights at V-Bowl as you strike-out in style.

Price: 5 JD per person
7 JD per 15-minute rounds (maximum of 6 players)

Indoor Activities | Jordan Bowling & Skating Center

Bringing an outdoor activity indoors, Jordan Bowling and Skating Center allows you to stay active as you skate along with the gang. Get ready to race, fall a little, and show off your skills.

Price: 8 JD per person

Indoor Activities | VR Jordan

Sometimes, we all look for ways to escape reality. If now is one of those times, VR Jordan is the place for you to be. Bring some friends along as you visit virtual realities – from taking on some serious challenges to going on epic adventures.

Price: 6 JD per person

Indoor Activities | Climbat Amman

Sick of working out your frustrations at the gym? It’s time for you to try indoor rock climbing. Climbat offers a variety of walls to accommodate all levels. Not only is it a great workout, it’s exhilarating too!

Price: 14 JD per person (3 walls)

Indoor Activities | The Squad

So you think you can sing? Awesome! Head over to The Squad with your posse and get ready to karaoke your lungs out, and dare to hit notes not even Beyoncé could dream of.

Price: 15 JD per room (7 persons)

World of Illusions | Indoor Activities

World of Illusions is literally what it claims to be: a world of illusions. The 30-minute tour allows you to capture moments as you walk through a maze of mirrors, optical illusions, and an upside-down room!

Price: 10 JD per person

Indoor Activities | jump park jordan

Jump up, get ready and get down on the trampoline! Shoot for the moon at Jump Park Jordan and land in a sea of Legos – it’s not as painful as it sounds. Need we say more? We didn’t think so.

Price: 12 JD per person

Indoor Activities | stay and play

Created to be a gamer’s dream, Stay & Play offers spaces and rooms for PlayStation and PC game lovers alike to gather, level-up, and do what they do best.

Price: 2 JD per hour

Indoor Activities | strikers

A center filled with varied activities, Strikers Entertainment Center has long been the destination for some serious pastime and BILLIARDS. Pick up a pool cue and a partner, and let the games begin!

Price: 7 JD per hour | (2-4 players)

glow golf

An activity more fun than golfing? Glowfing. Challenge your abilities in the dark at Glow Golf and let the lights guide your way to a hole-in-one.

Price: 9 JD per person

6 yard

Indulge in a bubble of delight at 6 Yard. With various types of bubble ball games like bubble football, bubble dodgeball, bubble captain, and bubble invasion, there’s nothing mundane about this Yard.

Price: 10 JD per person | (minimum of 8 players)


Laser tag is the best and friendliest excuse to take a shot at your friends! Build your dream team, strategize, aim, and shoot at one of Amman’s go-to laser tag spots – Starwarriors.

Price: 10 JD per person | Two Rounds

Taj Cinemas

What’s an indoor activities list without movies, right? TAJ Cinemas taught us to go big or go home with 12 regular theaters and 4 VIP halls. All that’s left for you to do is grab some popcorn and your favorite drink, and enjoy the show!

Price: 8 JD per person (regular ticket)

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Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team