Ah, the comforts of luxury. Wining and dining to your heart’s delight. We here at Tip n’ Tag believe that life’s best pleasures are those enjoyed with a fork and a knife (maybe also a silver spoon). What better way to spoil yourself than to sink your teeth into a finely cooked concoction of the finest ingredients on offer in our lovely city? Without further ado, we present Amman’s finest upscale establishments for 2017.

Rodeo Grill

Menu Selections

Appetizer: Creamy Burrata cheese, pears and shaved Bresaola

Main Course: Wagyu – “KIWAMI” Marbling Score 9+

Dessert: Cheesecake Donut

Fakhr El-Din

Menu Selections

Appetizers: Frog Legs Provencale (5pcs.), Kibbeh Niyyeh, Chicken Balls with Pistachio

Main Course: Chicken Liver & Kabab Halabi

Dessert: Ishta with Honey


Menu Selections

Appetizers: Pomelo Salad, Hummus, Kibeh Niyyeh, Manti, Freekeh Risotto

Main Course: Beef Shawarma & Kebab Halabi

Dessert: Levant Usmaliya

La Capitale Restaurant

Menu Selections

Appetizer: Les Huitres Oysters on a Half Shell, Steak Tartare

Main Course: Filet of Sole Meuniere, Magret du Canard

Dessert: Profiteroles


Menu Selections

Appetizer: Shrimp on Ice, Crunchy Salmon Salad

Main Course: Grilled Fresh Lobster, Grilled Sea Scallops

Dessert: Warm Chocolate Fondant


Menu Selections

Appetizer: Ahi Tuna, Sashimi Salad

Main Course: Ikura Rolled in Cucumber, Spicy Salmon Temaki, Angus Beef Teppanyaki

Dessert: Banana Fritter with Ice-Cream


Menu Selections

Appetizer: Prosciutto Di Parma Con Melone Giallo E Scaglie Di Grana Padano Cheese

Main Dish: Mushroom Risotto, Piccata di Vitello Al-Limone

Dessert: Composta Di Frutti Di Bosco

32 North

Menu Selections

Appetizer: Lobster salad, asparagus, fresh herbs, salmon caviar, lemon oil

Main Dish: BBQ banana shrimps, pineapple, avocado, red peppers, coriander

Dessert: Blueberry Cheesecake

La Maison Verte

Menu Selections

Appetizer: Duck liver escalope: Caramelized grannysmith apple, Escargot

Main Dish: Fillet of angus beef café de paris, Rib Eye Steak

Dessert: Profitéroles Sauce Au Chocolat, Vanille ice cream


Menu Selections

Appetizer: Pan roasted king scallops

Main Dish: Baked Blue Cod, Mushroom Risotto

Dessert: Traditional Tiramisu

Remember you always have room to spoil yourself.

Stay Curious Tipsters!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team